Isola Group to Showcase Cost-effective, High-performance RF PCB Materials at Del Mar Electronics Show

Isola Group to Showcase Cost-effective, High-performance RF PCB Materials at Del Mar Electronics Show

Isola Group will showcase the latest cost-effective, high-performance PCB material solutions for hybrid circuits at this year’s Del Mar Electronics & Manufacturing Show (DMEMS 2022). With the growing demand for miniaturization in electronic design, Isola’s materials support compact PCBs for RF/microwave (RF/MW), high-speed-digital (HSD), and power circuits with high efficiency and excellent thermal stability. The durable circuit materials share processing compatibility with general-purpose circuit materials such as FR-4 for ease of fabricating multilayer circuit solutions with a combination of circuit material types.

DMEMS2022 is set for the Del Mar Fairgrounds (San Diego, CA) on May 4-5, 2022, and features free admission, parking, and an abundance of educational seminars. Isola’s representatives are ready to share their years of experience and expertise in matching PCB materials to different mechanical and electrical circuit requirements. They will welcome DMEMS2022 visitors to booth #xxx to learn more about their high-performance but “manufacturing-friendly” circuit materials, including Tachyon 100G, Astra MT77, I-Tera MT40, TerraGreen, and IS680/IS680 AG laminates. These temperature-stable circuit materials enable the fabrication of HSD circuits and high-frequency RF, MW, and millimeter-wave (mmWave) signals beyond 110 GHz on the same circuit board.

When the highest signal integrity must be maintained, I-Speed and Tachyon 100G circuit materials support HSD circuits at rates well beyond 100 Gb/s. Visitors to the booth can learn more about the characteristics of each material and how they benefit from some of the latest high-frequency/high-speed circuits for automotive, aerospace and defense, robotics, space, and telecommunications applications.

For environmentally sensitive applications requiring RoHS-compliant, lead-free processing, visitors can ask about Isola’s new high-speed TerraGreen laminates and prepregs. These halogen-free materials support mixed-signal analog and digital circuits with a dielectric constant that is stable at temperatures from -55 to +125°C. TerraGreen materials are compatible with Isola’s FR-4 circuit materials for ease of processing hybrid assemblies.

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