Square Peg Supporting Complex Wideband Satellite and Terrestrial Scenarios for 5G NTN Testing

Square Peg Supporting Complex Wideband Satellite and Terrestrial Scenarios for 5G NTN Testing

Square Peg Communications, a specialist in the development and manufacture of state-of-the-art DSP-based mobile and fixed satellite communications products, is showcasing the RLS-2100 Radio Link Simulator at Satellite 2023. This hardware-in-the-loop wideband radio link simulator is the first of its kind to target new space networks.

5G will push the limits of low latency, high bandwidth, and high mobility. While satellite 5G integration may be uncharted territory, the RLS-2100 Radio Link Simulator can help users test with certainty. Square Peg has worked in collaboration with the European Space Agency to develop new capabilities for the RLS-2100 to enable hybrid channel emulation, resulting in a unique integrated product that can simultaneously emulate both terrestrial and satellite links, with 5G channel models.

Born of a complete rethink of satellite link testing, the RLS-2100 can deliver everything today’s 5G innovators need. It’s an all-in-one system that can apply a comprehensive set of impairments for complex wideband satellite and terrestrial scenarios. For 5G NTN testing, the RLS-2100 includes support for:

  • Emulation of terrestrial and non-terrestrial (NTN) links, including satellite or aeronautical
  • Support for simultaneous satellite/terrestrial emulation in a single box
  • Verification of satellite/satellite, beam/beam and satellite/terrestrial handovers
  • Direct interface to equipment at 5G NR FR1 and FR2 frequencies
  • Integrated orbital modeling of any constellation (LEO/MEO/GEO/HEO) or combination
  • 5G channel models, terrestrial and NTN

The RLS-2100 is replacing traditional simulators which are ill-equipped to handle next-generation networks. With end users pushing for more bandwidth, lower latency and reduced pricing, satellite operators and equipment manufacturers are looking for ways to keep up. The ability to innovate with confidence is critical, and rigorous testing plays a key role.

Using RLS-2100, users are able to:

  • Simulate terminal link handovers between their terrestrial and satellite networks
  • Use integrated scenario modeling to apply realistic link characteristics for the terminal and satellites in motion
  • Identify issues related to maintaining seamless connectivity across handovers due to varying link characteristics and adjust network operation to compensate
  • Verify their network performance to reduce risk moving forward

The RLS-2100 is the perfect tool to support innovative developers, service providers and militaries as they deploy 5G services with coverage anytime, anywhere. It enables rigorous testing of 5G NTN applications such as: wideband mobility (comms on the move), traffic backhauls, multi-link networks, urban aerial communication, IoT applications and cellular towers in space.

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