Ardent Concepts' New TR Multicoax Substrate Launch Test Fixtures Connect Directly to the DUT's Substrate

Ardent Concepts' New TR Multicoax Substrate Launch Test Fixtures Connect Directly to the DUT's Substrate

Ardent Concepts, a designer of high performance interconnects with proven applications across many industries including tested and qualified for mil-spec applications, has introduced two new TR multi-coax substrate launch fixtures (SLTF) for SerDes and high speed memory in 112G-224G applications. The PICO SLTF and SLTF standard substrate fixtures are designed to bypass PCB and deliver high-speed signals directly from the Device Under Tests (DUTs) substrate, thereby alleviating loss budget concerns.

The Multicoax fixture series use Ardent’s solderless compression mount, high frequency approach for TF multicoax family of right-angle connectors to terminate directly to the top of the substrates or other similar packages. The transmission of high frequency signals across lanes through coax is accomplished solderlessly, while routing less critical lower speed and power traces through the PCB.

These socket fixtures can be standardized across chip-carrier packages for all types of highs speed designs and replaces bukly and fragile surface-mount SMP-style connectors with a high-density interface, which greatly saves the space consumption on the substrate surface. They also minimize the mounting and tooling points in PCB to make signal routing simpler for complex boards and devices.

The multicoax fixtures have an insertion loss of less than 0.12 dB (due to interface) and up to 0.3658 dB (due to cable loss), a return loss of less than -18 dB (up to 67 GHz) and provides a phase matching of ±2 ps (standard). The series offer a channel-to-channel pitch of 1.27 mm for semi-rigid cabling and up to 2.54 mm for a flexible cabling configuration.

The RoHS and REACH-compliant substrate fixtures are available with 1.85 mm (including female pin) or 2.92 mm connectors. The connectors have a Beryllium Copper contact, Gold-plated brass interface and TR connector housing, and also includes mounting screws for easy installation.

They are ideal for use in optical semiconductor interfaces, test and measurement, semiconductor, and datacom applications.

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