Quantic MWD Announces its COTS to Space Product Line

Quantic MWD Announces its COTS to Space Product Line

Quantic Microwave Dynamics one of the leaders in high-precision microwave and millimeter wave components and manufacturers of custom sub-assemblies / integrated microwave assemblies for the industrial, aerospace, and defense sectors has announced its COTS to space products.

The increased demand for information and communications has driven space commercialization, resulting in changes to the requirements for components' survivability in space missions. While the qualification standards for electronic components used in space missions may be less rigorous than what was required for spacecraft like Voyager 1 and 2, it's important to note that space missions still require components that can withstand the harsh conditions of space.

Quantic MWD offers various oscillators, including dielectric resonator oscillators and phase-locked oscillators that are designed to meet the rigorous requirements of military and aerospace agencies. The company has also been delivering hardware for space missions since 2004, that is designed to meet Class K space requirements with group A, B, C, and D testing and with radiation-hardened electronic components. This means that their components can withstand the harsh conditions of space and have been tested to meet the standards required for space missions.

DRO-1080 and DRO-1087 Space Qualified Dielectric Resonator Oscillators (DRO)

Quantic MWD has recently broadened its range of COTS oscillators by introducing the DRO-1080 series with hermetically sealed Kovar packages that comply with the MIL-PRF-38534, ASA, ESA, JAXA, ISRO, CNSA, and RFSA military and aerospace agencies standards. This expansion of their COTS product line represents a significant advancement, as it builds on their space industry expertise and enables the qualification of COTS products for a variety of space missions. The DRO-1080 series of oscillators are put through stringent testing to ensure they meet the high standards of the military and aerospace agencies, which demand components that can withstand radiation and operate reliably in harsh space environments.

Other COTS to Space Products

Overall, the expansion of Quantic MWD's DRO-1000 COTS line of oscillators is a positive development for the space industry, as it provides high-quality components that are tailored to the needs of various space missions. Quantic's expertise in COTS and space applications uniquely positions Quantic MWD to deliver COTS products within a few weeks for LEO satellites, or with fully qualified Class K tested for GEO survivability, making Quantic MWD a valuable partner for space missions. Their designs lend themselves to meet various system requirements from Industrial to Class-K Space. Depending on the design, Quantic can utilize standard COTS semiconductors, hi-rel electronic devices, and/or radiation-hardened ICs. Quantic MWD is capable of upgrading our products from:

  • COTS to Industrial: Industrial temperature and environmental applications with extended tuning and environmental testing.
  • COTS to Hi-Rel and LEO: MIL-STD-883 testing, traceability, and optional hermiticity
  • COTS to Class-K space: MIL-PRF-38534 and other specification requirements, such as rad-hard components, hermiticity, traceability, and group A, B, C,D testing.

Quantic MWD's microelectronic design and manufacturing capability provide solutions from frequency sources to amplifiers to frequency converters to integrated module assemblies (IMAs). Here are a few of our standard designs with a COTS to Space upgrade path defined.

  • S: Standard
  • A: Available with additional screening.
  • R: Rad-Hard capability available

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