Trending RFID Products in 2023: May Edition

Trending RFID Products in 2023: May Edition

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is a wireless communication technology that uses radio waves to automatically identify and track a tagged object or individual. RFID products are the products used in RFID-based applications in supply chain management, asset tracking, retail and inventory management, logistics, access control & security, healthcare & medical systems, and more. The RFID products include RFID Tags, RFID antennas, RFID chips, RFID Inlays, RFID reader modules, and more. everything RF has compiled a list of RFID products that are trending in everything RF in May. For more RFID products, articles, news, and more visit the RFID Hub on everything RF.

RFID Tag IC for Global Operation from 840 to 960 MHz

The Higgs™ 10 from Alien is an RFID Tag IC that is designed for global operation from 840 to 960 MHz. It has excellent read/write sensitivity along with enhanced backscatter capability and is optimized for high-volume applications. This RFID IC provides a flexible EPC memory structure supporting 96-bit EPC formats, plus a 32-bit expansion for longer EPC formats. It also supports up to 32 bits for optional user memory data which enables the flexibility to store additional data beyond the EPC level such as encryption keys, additional asset information, and serial numbers. Read more

High-Performance UHF RFID Chip for Advanced Industry 4.0 Applications

The UCODE-9xm from NXP Semiconductors is a UHF RFID Chip for high-performance applications in industrial and manufacturing environments. It offers high performance and an enhanced feature set with three flexible memory configurations that offer up to 496 bits of EPC (Electronic Product Code) memory and up to 752 bits of user memory. The extended EPC/user memory allows it to store data points that make it easier to recycle, re-sell, and re-use products. It has a read sensitivity of -24 dBm to facilitate a smaller tag antenna design and a write sensitivity of -22 dBm which reduces the read/write gap to just 2 dBm for faster and easier encoding. Read more

RAIN RFID Tag Chip for Large-Scale Global IoT Deployments

The M775 from Impinj is a RAIN RFID Tag Chip that is designed for large-scale, global IoT deployments. It enables innovative solutions for consumer privacy, anti-counterfeiting, loss prevention, and embedded tagging when combined with the Impinj Authentication Service for cryptographic authentication of tagged items. This chip has an ISO/IEC 29167-11 based cryptographic computation engine, combined with a unique cryptographic key in each tag chip, to enable secure authentications while defending against malicious attacks. Read more

NFC Reader SoC with Direct Antenna Connection for IoT Applications

The PTX105R from Panthronics is an NFC Reader System-on-Chip (SoC) that is optimized for IoT devices and networks. It is designed to provide complete NFC reader implementation, including RF physical layer, power management circuit, and on-chip NFC protocol hardware accelerator. This reader SoC can easily achieve interoperability and requires only a small form factor antenna that ensures reliable NFC coupling even in challenging operating environments. It provides easy-to-use, ready-to-go software integration into any terminal/device host MCU architecture that supports all types of NFC protocols, standards, and tag protocols. Read more

RAIN RFID Tag Chip with Extended Memory

The M781 from Impinj is a RAIN RFID Tag Chip that provides high performance and fast inventory capability for next-generation, universal RAIN RFID tags. This RFID tag chip has a large memory bank and advanced features that enable reliable storage, access, and monitoring of item attribute data — increasing item visibility, reducing waste, and improving consumer safety. It has been designed to help enterprises – such as medical, food, and industrial manufacturing – manage product shelf life, reduce waste, and comply with regulations. Read more

NFC Ferrite Tag for High-Temperature Applications

The Ferrite Tag 0402 from SAG is an NFC Tag that can be used on metallic/non-metallic surfaces. It is based on the NXP ICODE SLIX RFID chip or the ST25TV02K Chipset. This tag uses ferrite materials and can tolerate temperatures up to 200°C. It is ideal for Internet of Things data-transmission applications, such as consumer electronics, wearable devices, and smart healthcare products. The tag operates using the 13.56 MHz HF band and implements the ISO/IEC 15693 RF interface protocol. Read more

Ultra-Thin RFID Antennas for Metallic/Non-Metallic Surfaces

The SF2 Series from FlexiRay are Ultra-Thin Planar RFID Antennas that operate from 866 to 868 MHz (ETSI) and 902 to 928 MHz (FCC). These RHCP-polarized antennas provide a gain of 5.5 dBic and have a VSWR of less than 1.5:1. They can handle an input power of up to 10 W. These antennas have a unique radiation pattern that enables them to read RFID tags when passing through entrances, gates, doors, and corridors. They are designed to provide invisible installation into door-frames suitable for the creation of RFID gateways in interior areas. Read more

20 m RFID Inlay from 865 – 868 MHz (ETSI) and 902 – 928 MHz (FCC)

The ZBR4100 from Zebra is an RFID Inlay that operates from 865 – 868 MHz (ETSI) and 902 – 928 MHz (FCC). It utilizes a high-sensitivity UCODE 9 chip, which ensures read ranges of up to 20 meters in free space and is optimized to be read from nearly any angle. This inlay is designed and tested for optimal performance with Zebra printers and RFID readers which enables users to maximize the benefits of RFID in their enterprise. Read more

433.92 MHz Active RFID Tag with 60 m Range

The Slim ID (124070) from GAO RFID is a 433.92 MHz Active RFID Tag with a read range of up to 60 meters (196 feet). This RFID tag has a user-definable identifier (RW) and an anti-removal alarm where a specific ID code is sent if a micro tamper switch is released. It requires a DC supply of 3 V and utilizes a battery-level management feature where a specific ID code is sent for the low level of the battery. Read more

UHF RFID Inlays (Dry/Wet/Label) for Item-Level Retail Tagging

The AD-130 U8 from Avery Dennison are UHF RFID Inlays that are designed for item-level retail tagging. They have a read distance of 5 feet with a handheld reader when single items are tagged and grouped according to package type. These inlays are equipped with a UCODE 8 ICs from NXP, featuring 128-bit of EPC memory and a 48-bit unique serialized TID number. They comply with ISO 9001:2015 quality management, ISO 14001:2015 environmental management, and ISO/IEC 18000-63 Type C standards. Read more

On-metal UHF RAIN RFID Tag for Logistics and Industrial Asset Management

The MetalEvo from SAG is an On-metal UHF RAIN RFID Tag for logistics and industrial asset management purposes. The tag works well on metal surfaces and can also be used outdoors. It is based on the NXP UCODE 8 IC and provides a read distance of up to 12.5 meters/41.0 ft (in a metal environment) under the condition of 2W ERP, available for both ETSI and FCC frequencies. Read more

Low-Power 1-Port RAIN RFID Reader Module for Battery-Powered Applications

The Lepton9 (Model R9100C) from CAEN RFID is a 1-Port RAIN RFID Reader Module for low-power, high-performance RAIN RFID applications. It provides programmable output power from 10 mW to 1 W and can detect tags at a distance of more than 5 m (depending on antenna and tag dimensions). The module is based on the Impinj E910 chipset that provides fast reading speeds and enables application in dense reader and dense tag environments. It has low power consumption and is designed for easy integration into battery-powered devices. This reader module requires a DC supply from 4.75 to 5.25 V, consumes 1.4 A of current under operation, and 5 mA of current in idle mode. Read more

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