Anritsu Releases New Radio RF Conformance Test System to Support 5G Sub-6 GHz (FR1) TRx Tests

Anritsu Releases New Radio RF Conformance Test System to Support 5G Sub-6 GHz (FR1) TRx Tests

Anritsu Corporation has released its New Radio RF Conformance Test System ME7873NR Lite Model supporting 5G Sub-6 GHz (FR1) TRx tests.

5G services primarily using FR1 are expanding gradually, especially in major advanced economies. As a result, demand for FR1 certification conformance tests is expected to increase. However, 5G conformance tests take longer because 5G NR supports flexible numerology with a wide range of frequencies and scheduling for diverse services, which requires a large number of test cases. Consequently, engineers face challenges in meeting development deadlines and obtaining prompt certification. One solution is the purchase of a new conformance test system, however, this requires a large additional investment.

Anritsu’s extended ME7873NR Lite Model solves this problem by supporting more efficient testing without large extra costs.

Another key benefit of the distributed modular VNA solution is the MN25132A control module, which greatly simplifies installation. It acts as a junction for the cables and supplies power to the two MS46131A VNAs. There is no need to attach separate power supplies to the two VNA heads. The control module also interfaces the two VNAs to a laptop configured with ShockLine software.

Product Outline

The ME7873NR Lite Model is configured using only one MT8000A, unlike the conventional ME7873NR platform consisting of multiple test instruments. This simple configuration has the following key benefits for customers:

  • Optimizes capital investment - Supports 5G FR1 TRx test cases at lower cost and with a flexible upgrade path for required test case coverage.
    • Upgradeable to Lite Model from own MT8000A to support FR1 conformance test cases
    • Upgradeable from Lite Model to full ME7873NR model for full conformance test cases
  • Reduces test times - Simplified hardware configuration reduces test times by about 20% compared to the conventional platform.
  • Same user experience - Keeping the same user interface eliminates unfamiliarity for existing users.
  • Supports 5G conformance test verification - In addition to conformance tests, automated regression tests, etc., support device verification.

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