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The 67GHz RF-over-Fiber Mini-L from RFOptic has a frequency range of 1 to 67 GHz. It converts wideband RF signals to an RFoF optical signal in the Tx unit and converts the received RFoF optical signal back to an RF signal in the Rx unit. For RF operation, this module has an SFDR of 112 dB/Hz, a noise figure of 27 dB, and a phase noise of -120 dBc/Hz (at 10 kHz offset). For optical operation, it has a laser diode optical wavelength of 1.55 μm and a receiver photodiode optical wavelength of 1.5 to 1.58 μm. This module requires a DC supply of 5 V and consumes less than 2.5 W of power. It is available with various housing options with 1.85 mm RF input/output connectors and FC/APC optical connectors.

This 67 GHz RF-over-fiber module is ideal for use in applications such as civil communication, antenna remoting, telemetry, defense systems, and satellite communications. It can also be used in distributed antenna, radio telescopes, antenna remoting, long RF links via fiber and electronic warfare applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    Low Noise, High SFDR RF-over-Fiber Module from 1 to 67 GHz

General Parameters

  • Application
    Electronic Warfare, Remote Antenna, Radar, SATCOM
  • Type
  • Frequency Range
    1 to 67 GHz
  • Optical Wavelengths
    1.5 to 1.58 µm
  • Noise Figure
    27 dB
  • RF Gain
    -28 dB
  • Gain Flatness
    ±6 dB
  • SFDR
    100 dB/Hz
  • VSWR
  • Input Power
    16 dBm
  • Supply Voltage
    5 V
  • Package Type
  • RF Connector
    1.85 mm
  • Gender
  • Fiber Optic Connectors
  • Dimensions
    75*154*33 mm
  • Weight
    450 g
  • RF Impedance
    50 Ohms
  • Operating Temperature Range
    0 to 70 Degree C
  • Storage Temperature Range
    -40 to 85 Degree C
  • Note
    Phase Noise at 10KHz offset: -120 dBc/Hz

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