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RF cosite interference poses serious problems in situations where multiple RF systems are located in a common environment. Modern RF systems operate over much of the RF spectrum (10 KHz through 100+ GHz), using vastly different power levels and modulation schemes. Commercial and military RF systems are designed to performance specifications that dictate both in-band and out-of-band performance. Nonetheless, cosite interference can occur between RF systems that meet their specifications. When antennas are closely located, seemingly insignificant emissions or susceptibilities of transmitters and receivers can result in interference due to high coupling levels.  Further, RF transmitter power levels, modulation schemes, harmonics and non-linear behavior lead to spectral growth both in-band and out-of-band that can overload receivers. In general, receivers have both in-band and out-of-band susceptibilities mixer products, phase noise and dynamic range issues that make it necessary to consider their wideband performance to determine if they will function properly in a complex RF environment.

Cosite analysis typically cannot wait until the system is designed&mdashit is best performed concurrently with system design. But how can you plan a system when you don&rsquot have measurements or detailed models for your RF systems, antennas, cables, filters and everything else that comprises the larger system?

The EMIT software allows you to start working the cosite problem early with approximate models for antenna-to-antenna coupling, RF systems, cables, filters and amplifiers. We provide you with a library of common military and commercial radio types with representative performance characteristics, and you can customize the performance parameters for your specific system. After you have customized an RF system design, you can store the model in the library and share the library with others. As the system design progresses and more information is available, EMIT&rsquos multi-fidelity modeling approach allows you to apply radio or component models of higher fidelity. Throughout the lifecycle of your system, EMIT simplifies and organizes the management of data involved in complete system RF cosite interference modeling.

Efficient post-processing of EMIT results is managed in a way that permits rapid identification of the root cause of problems, enabling you to quickly apply mitigation techniques to meet your system performance requirements. EMIT allows you to work multiple &ldquowhat if&rdquo scenarios to quickly reduce or eliminate cosite EMI, such as changing antenna placement, using a different type of antenna, changing transmit power levels, adding or modifying filters, changing system performance characteristics or changing your frequency plan.

EMIT takes away the black magic of solving complex cosite interference problems through an intuitive workflow that identifies the root cause of problems. Whether you are considering a handheld device or a large military system, EMIT can help mitigate your most challenging cosite interference problems.

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    Delcross Technologies
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    RF Cosite and Coexistence EMI Modeling and Mitigation

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    EM Simulation
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    Antennas, Communication, EMC/EMI, GPS, PCS, UHF, VHF
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    3D Modeling
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    Seamless integration to the CST Studio Suite 3D electromagnetic software suite is included free of charge.

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