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XGtd from Remcom is a Ray-Based EM Simulation Software for assessing the effects of a vehicle or vessel on antenna radiation, predicting coupling between antennas and predicting radar cross section (RCS). It incorporates techniques including Geometric Optics (GO), the Uniform Theory of Diffraction (UTD), Physical Optics (PO), and the Method of Equivalent Currents (MEC). XGtd provides high-fidelity outputs for applications with high frequencies or very large platforms where the requirements of a full physics method may exceed available computational resources.

XGtd includes features such as large platform simulations, ray path visualization, XFdtd compatibility for higher fidelity antenna patterns, and anechoic chamber simulation. It also includes the full 3D propagation model feature that predicts the paths by which energy travels from the transmitting antenna to the receiving location. This software provides 64-bit GUI and usability enhancements with improved handling of large physical models that require more memory to process, render and manipulate. It is suitable for use in applications that include far zone antenna radiation for platform-mounted antennas, monostatic and bistatic Radar Cross Section (RCS), antenna coupling and S-parameters.

Product Specifications

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    Electromagnetic Analysis Tool for Predicting Radar Cross Section

General Parameters

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    EM Simulation
  • Application
    Antennas, EMC/EMI, Radar, Co-Site Analysis, Anechoic Chamber Simulation
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    3D Modeling

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