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The ZWSim-EM from ZWSoft is a 3D Full-Wave Electromagnetic Simulator with high precision, high efficiency, low memory footprint and powerful modelling capabilities. It provides users with an industry-specific, RF-related, and all-in-one simulation solution. ZWSim-EM has an easy-to-use, user friendly interface and clear workflow. The user interface can be customized by dragging different areas, and the simulation process is consistent with the design of user interface.

ZWSim-EM can be used to simulate microwave circuits and devices, such as couplers, filters, power dividers, and antennas like patch antennas, pyramid antennas and array antennas.

For pre-processing, ZWSim-EM supports unit setting, model building, materials assigning, background and boundary setting, excitation signal setting, excitation source setting, mesh setting, solver setting and checking. This preparation process is clear, convenient, and complete to ensure that simulations run smoothly, and results are displayed ideally.

The simulator uses the self-developed EIT (Embedded Integral Technique) as the main algorithm which is based on FDTD (Finite-Different Time-Domain). Together with a series of technologies like Conformal Technology and Irregular Grid Processing Technology, the simulator achieves remarkable accuracy and efficiency.

ZWSim-EM uses ZW3D’s powerful modelling capabilities like parametric modelling, which enables building and editing models directly in ZWSim-EM. This improves modelling efficiency and facilitate later optimization. It is fully compatible with over 20 mainstream CAD formats and helps import and export different CAD files freely.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

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  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    High Precision 3D Full-Wave Electromagnetic Simulator

General Parameters

  • Type
    EM Simulation
  • Application
    Array Antennas Simulation, Mesh-Generation
  • Tags
    3D Modeling

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