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The R&S®CMX500 from Rohde & Schwarz is a 5G NR Radio Communication Tester for the FR1 and FR2 frequency bands. It can handle all signaling use cases for mobile communications devices, from early R&D design to final integration, verification and performance tests, final product validation in a test house, quality assurance and repair.

The modular hardware architecture can be configured for basic use cases such as RF parameter measurements, measurements under fading conditions and performance measurements with maximum data rates. Users can access all signaling events and logs at any time.

The R&S®CMX500 can perform key RF transmitter measurements such as modulation, quality, transmit power and spectral parameters along with receiver measurements such as block error rate (BER). The tester also supports 3GPP test cases for SA and NSA 5G and MIMO Tx/Rx measurements. It supports 5G end-to-end application testing with features including integrated Web, FTP, DNS and IMS servers. It also features ping latency and throughput measurement functions and IPv4/IPv6 connectivity.

The R&S®CMX500 radio communication tester has an intuitive and flexible web-based user interface based on the R&S®CMsquares platform. Using CMsquares this tester supports manual interactive operation as well as automatically sequence-controlled test protocols. It has unique modules for all signaling use cases. These range from R&D design stages up to end-to-end application testing, production and conformance tests. The introduction of a one-platform strategy for all 5G NR test equipment enables a unified test environment for signaling and non-signaling testing through all stages of 5G device production.

The R&S®CMX500 also supports 5G audio and video testing applications. The R&S CMsquares test software provides all necessary technologies to enable VoLTE and VoNR audio measurements in 5G SA and NSA modes, as well as ViLTE and ViNR video measurements. It has an integrated IMS server (IP multimedia system) allowing it to perform internal loopback along with audio quality testing with an external audio analyzer in IP forward mode.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Rohde & Schwarz
  • Description
    5G Radio Communication Tester for FR1 and FR2 Frequency Bands

General Parameters

  • Applications
    VoLTE and VoNR, Test & Measurement, 5G, Test & Measurement
  • Technology
    5G, 5G-NR, LTE