Wireless Charging Transmitter by indie Semiconductor

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The iND87200 from indie Semiconductor is an In-Cabin Automotive Wireless Charging IC that is compliant with Qi 1.3.2 and compatible with Qi 2.0. It supports the emerging maximum power point (MPP) wireless charging feature and has an integrated boost converter that can deliver up to 15W of power across the entire VBAT operating range. This IC has advanced power sensing circuitry that monitors system impedance and phase in real-time which provides the capability to optimize tuning and algorithms and enables intelligent features such as adaptive foreign object detection. It has a unique amplitude-shift keying (ASK) demodulation engine that enables robust operation over different filtering and coil-matching combinations.

The iND87200 has a dual-core design that combines an Arm Cortex M4F processor with 2 MB of embedded Flash and 256 kB of SRAM with a dedicated Arm Cortex M0 processor for the WPC stack. It has an integrated power management unit (PMU) with capabilities that enable it to connect directly to an automotive power bus. This IC has an integrated WPC driver, supports multiple coils, and flexible half-or full-bridge configuration. It has an integrated buck regulator that generates all required bias voltages and an integrated boost regulator. This IC has overvoltage protection, ESD protection, and NTC temperature monitoring. It has a wide operating voltage and flexible power control that allows for greater flexibility in implementing a wider range of AM filter topologies.

This IC can be controlled via I2C, SPI, SWD, and UART interfaces. It is available in a 102-pin QFN package that measures 12 x 12 mm and is ideal for in-cabin automotive wireless charging applications like console, driver, passenger, and rear passenger hubs and executive seats.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    indie Semiconductor
  • Description
    Qi 2.0 Compatible, 15 W In-Cabin Automotive Wireless Charging IC

General Parameters

  • Compliance
  • Wireless Power Standard
    WPC 1.3
  • Interface
    I2C, SPI, SWD, and UART
  • Memory
    Flash: MB
  • Power
    15 W
  • Package Type
    102 Pin QFN, Surface Mount
  • Dimension
    12x12 mm
  • Operating Temperature
    -40 to +105 Degree C
  • Applications

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