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Description:5W Auto-Resonant Wireless Power Transmitter
5 W
3.3 to 5.5 V
Output Current:
1 to 2 mA (Quiescent)
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Wireless Charging Transmitter IC's from the leading manufacturers are listed on everything RF. Wireless charging transmitter controllers are used to control the wireless power sent to the coil. Wireless Power transmissions are usually limited to about 15 watts (however can be higher as well). Transmitters are integrated in to charging pads, tables and other fixed surfaces and are used to charge wireless charging receivers integrated in to phones, tablets and other mobile devices. To ensure compatibility of wireless charging, there are two main standards which have been used Qi/WPC and Airfuel/PMA. Most devices follow one of these standards and thus as long as they follow this spec, they will be interoperable across device manufacturers.

everything RF has listed Wireless Charging Transmitter IC's from the leading manufacturers. You can narrow down on the list of products based on the frequency standard, power level, supply voltage and other parameters. Once you find an IC that meets your spec, you can download the datasheet, request for a quote or get pricing for the product.