Beast 2.0

Wireless Charging Transmitter by Spark Connected

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Beast 2.0 Image

The Beast 2.0 from Spark Connected is an Automotive In-cabin Wireless Charger that meets Qi v1.3 requirements. It utilizes TDK’s latest pattern coil technology and delivers up to 15 W of power. The charger provides class-leading EMC performance, a wide input supply range with continuous charging even during vehicle stop/start events, and Foreign Object Detection (FOD).

The has a unique copper pattern coil that allows for thinner solutions over traditional wire-wound coils. It uses a manganese-zinc (Mn-Zn) ferrite-based ultra-thin magnetic shield that provides higher permeability (µ’) and saturation magnetic flux density (Bs) values. The ferrite shield construction makes use of a “wet” layering process resulting in a thinner and non-rigid shield. It also has unique multi-layer coil construction which provides uniform wireless charging.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    Beast 2.0
  • Manufacturer
    Spark Connected
  • Description
    15 W Qi Compatible Automotive In-Cabin Wireless Charging Transmitter

General Parameters

  • Compliance
    WPC / Qi
  • Wireless Power Standard
    WPC 1.3
  • Voltage
    6 to 19 V
  • Coil Configuration
    Multi Coil
  • Interface
  • Power
    15 W
  • Applications