What’s Next in 5G - Ep. 5: Advancing 5G for the New Decade

Qualcomm Technologies VP of Engineering Vanitha Kumar invites you backstage to hear from the people behind our 5G inventions. In What’s Next in 5G, a series of six short episodes, you’ll learn how we develop the 5G technology of tomorrow.

In our first four episodes, we heard about our recent progress and innovation in 5G thanks to, among other things, years of research and development. Here, in Episode 5, John Smee, Qualcomm vice president of engineering and our research and development lead, discusses our 5G future and how Qualcomm is advancing 5G for the new decade.

2021 kicks off a new decade in 5G technology innovation. We’re looking to the future, but we’re also continuing to work on enhancing the performance and efficiency of 5G. By building on the foundation of 5G, we’re able to improve capacity, coverage, and lower latency to the benefit of not only mobile operators but users across the globe.

Episode 5 of our What’s Next in 5G series also delves into enhancements and new capabilities of 5G. We’re pushing the boundaries with 5G technologies like massive MIMO and mmWave. For mmWave, we continue to enhance end-to-end system reliability and coverage. We’re also expanding mmWave to new tiers and devices.

Advancements driven by 5G and AI are opening up new, immersive experiences for users. And beyond the smartphone, we’re looking to 5G innovation in new industries like industrial IoT and automotive. We’re continuing to work on enhancing the performance and efficiency of 5G while extending our expertise to new industries and use cases. We want to bring new experiences to the world at large — experiences that use the best of our technologies like AI, 5G, and more, to benefit society.

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