Double frequency range for R&S Signal Generators

Leaving aside the microwave generators, the present line of Rohde & Schwarz products comprisessignal generators up to 1 GHz (SMX, SMG), up to 2 GHz (SMH, SMGU), up to 3 GHz (SME, SMT) and up to 4.3 GHz (SMHU). For applications at higher frequencies, all signal generators can also be operated with an external passive frequency doubler. This extends the range of possible applications up to 8.6 GHz. Some degraded specs regarding level and modulation are described below. For people using the frequency range 3 to 6 GHz, the low priced combination SMT plus frequency doubler will mainly be interesting. Signal generator SMHU is useful for the frequency range up to 8.6 GHz. Especially the phase noise performance is excellent with this instrument. the required output signal. It should also be pointed out that the residual FM and the SSB phase noise will be 6 dB poorer as a result of frequency doubling.
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