Quality Measurements on Digital and Analog TV Transmitters - Using the R&S ETL

All types of information transmission, including the 'one-way' transmission used in broadcasting, involve feeding a radio frequency (RF) signal to an antenna. This is the essence of the most basic type of transmitter used to emit electromagnetic waves. In the real world, however, a transmitter used for broadcast applications, for example, is much more complex in terms of its functions and design. The different transmitter components must be carefully coordinated. There are many quality parameters that are critical in ensuring that a proper output signal is delivered. Rohde & Schwarz designed the R&S® ETL TV analyzer especially for broadcasting applications. The analyzer allows the measurement of the quality parameters that are relevant in analog and digital broadcasting. This Application Note describes the typical quality measurements performed during compliance testing of TV transmitters. The approach discussed here is based on the example of Rohde & Schwarz terrestrial transmitters for analog TV and DVB-T/H.
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