R&S®DIRECTV® tool for converting 130-byte-based DIRECTV® streams to ISO 13818-1 (188 bytes) MPEG format for R&S®SFU TRP player

DIRECTV®, a digital TV broadcast system, makes use of transport packets with a length of 130 bytes rather than the more common 188 bytes used in MPEG TS streams. The inputs on the R&S® SFU do not accept transport streams in the DIRECTV® format. This Application Note introduces R&S® DIRECTV tool and explains how it can be used to convert existing 130-byte-based DIRECTV® transport stream content to 188-byte-based ISO 13818-1 streams that are compatible with the R&S® SFU SPI input or the internal R&S® SFU TRP player. This tool is intended for Rohde & Schwarz customers who are licensed to operate an R&S® SFU-K9 DIRECTV coder or R&S® SFU-K108 AMC coder.
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