Pioneering Real Wireless Power Delivery at Ossia Inc: FEKO in the Simulation Process

Ossia is revolutionizing the mobility and connectivity of people and industries, by empowering industry leaders and service providers to create ecosystems for delivering smart wireless power to small devices. This advance is a total game-changer for the entire energy industry. Ossia’s patented wireless power Cota technology is delivered much like WiFi, is inherently safe, and provides real wireless power through the air and over a distance, even while the device is in motion.

Another key differentiator is that Ossia’s technology does not require line-of-sight. Ossia envisions a world in which devices are smart to better serve mankind. By utilizing the Cota wireless power technology, these devices can be remotely powered for better content, optimal performance, and improved data capturing ability. Ossia’s Cota wireless power makes plugs, cables and charging mats obsolete, while safely delivering wireless power at a distance.

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