An Engineer’s Guide to CRPA Testing

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  • Author: Tim Erbes, Stephane Hamel and Lisa Perdue

CRPAs are becoming increasingly common, particularly in the Defense sector.  CRPAs are an extremely effective anti-jam/spoof solution, because they adapt dynamically in response to jamming or spoofing signals. It is important to know the direction from which the interference is coming, so that you do not receive that RF power into your GPS receiver. This is done by forming nulls in the direction of the interference, or by using beam forming techniques to isolate and track only the true satellite signals, ignoring the others. When considering using any new device,  it is important to test it prior to fielding  −  especially in applications like defense, where the stakes are high.  It is absolutely critical to test these devices rigorously with a proper system that can achieve those testing capabilities.

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