High Power, High Isolation, Switching Solutions with NuSwitch PIN DIODE Technology

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  • Author: Elijah L. Houck

The need to route RF signals through system switching networks while maintaining low insertion loss and high isolation continues to be increasingly demanding. Combined with the need for a robust device capable of handling high transmit level signals while maintaining strong signal integrity without the introduction of unwanted noise, it becomes clear that an RF Switch is a critical component to any RF system.

In the arena of RF switches, there are many different options and styles to choose from. Reflective or Absorptive? PIN Diode, FET, or Mechanical? Power consumption and device control? All of the possibilities can make finding the ideal switching solution for your individual needs a daunting task.

Within this application note, we will cover the different types of RF switches and how NuWaves’ NuSwitch can offer an efficient, cost-effective solution for your specific system’s needs.

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