Satellite Ground Network Virtualization

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  • Author: Carlos Placido

Satellite Ground Network Infrastructure is on the cusp of a fundamental change. Largely driven bymassive, recent investments in space hardware, satellite communications (SATCOM) and Sat-to-Ground (EO, TT&C) sectors have witnessed a number of technological disruptions that have thepotential to drastically alter the dynamics of a matured, five-decade old industry. Small cubesats,software-defined payloads, new multi-orbit and multi-band satellite architectures, advancements inelectronically steered antenna technology, and other developments such as cloud-based analytics aremaking space an exciting, but increasingly complex and dynamic marketplace. The inter working ofsatcom with Earth Observation (EO) technology and telecoms, as well as use of commercial platformsfor government and defense programs are also being modulated by such transformational forces.

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