The Importance of SATCOM G/T Measurement for Teleports and High-Speed Data Networks

With the worldwide demand for access to large amounts of data at its highest in history, the advent of networks and network connectivity, with higher and higher data rate capacity is becoming not just a desirable commodity, but a necessary one. Whereas these satellite systems in the past were used for TV, Audio, and sparse streaming of analog data, they are now required to stream digital data because almost all broadcasts are now in a digital format. As such, business users were at the forefront driving demand for high speed data services for financial data, corporate network backups, digital cloud storage data. This landscape driving demand for data transmission, has changed dramatically with all the emerging technologies such as 5G, LEO/MEO satellite constellations, AR/VR, fully autonomous vehicles, and more, teleports, gateways and satellites must be able to provide the speed and accuracy of data transfer with minimal loss of data on the receiving end. In addition to business users, we now have entire households driving demand for data, it is very common to see each member of the household with their own electronic gadgets, all of them streaming data and expecting faster performance, be it for streaming and downloading movies, digital cloud storage data or social media videos.

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