RF Mapping Drive Test Walk-Through

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  • Author: Roger Rush

Location is a critical dimension of spectrum analysis in the field. Whether testing network coverage or modeling wireless performance on outdoor installations and indoor DAS systems, a Geo-spatial data layer provides necessary context for RF measurements.Spike’s new RF mapping analysis mode provides the tools for efficiently conducting RF measurements bound to a geographical location with results displayed on a map,and packs features designed for convenience. Measurements are heat-mapped based on an adjustable color or grayscale spectrum, and can be directional for triangulation of an energy source. Audio Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) aides in intuitive eyes-free operation.GPS integration enables automatic measurements based on location and time. For indoor use cases, an image such as a floor-plan can be loaded in the map view, and measurements taken manually by clicking on the image, with measurement points anchored only by their position on the image.

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