Resolving Airborne EMI: Redesign or Retrofit

When in the laboratory and the test results are not what was hoped for, resolving these issues can be a challenge. Potentially, a circuit redesign is needed. Circuit board trace routing may need to change. Parts need to be ordered and installed. There can be delays in the finished design and layout, resulting in manufacturing delays and shipment delays. When schedules do not allow for redesigns, the economic impact can be significant. And ultimately, there may not be any guarantee that the redesign and rework will solve the issue.

Designing for EMC is a complex task. Each electronic system requires a unique layout, filtering and shielding design, and it is difficult to predict the system’s performance. The result is that the design engineer finds themselves in the EMI testing laboratory with a product that does not pass a test.

These failures can be frustrating and disappointing. Testing failure typically involves circuit board rework, redesign, and retesting. This leads to delays going into production.

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