BAW Flip-Chip Switched Filter Bank Delivers Dramatic Form Factor Reduction

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  • Author: Steve Mahon, Joshua Zepess and Mark Andrews
Complex communications and radar systems often utilize an array of filters with switching ports at the input and output of the signal path. This arrangement is used for a variety of intents such as signal pre-processing, frequency hopping or anti-jamming. The architecture of a switched filter bank (SFB) is long established (Figure 1); however, for microwave frequencies from 1-8 GHz the size is often many tens of cubic centimeters, a fact that prevents or restricts the use of an SFB in size- and weight-constrained applications such as those in defense and aerospace markets. A new approach to the design and manufacture of SFBs has been developed by TriQuint Semiconductor that breaks through long-standing size and weight barriers, opening-up new opportunities for making the benefits of this device more widely accessible.
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