What is an H-Plane Waveguide Tee?

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Nov 15, 2017

A Waveguide Tee is a 3-port device that can be used to either divide or combine power in a waveguide system. When the axis of the side arm of the waveguide tee is parallel to the flow of the Magnetic Field (H) from port 1 and is perpendicular to the flow of the Electric Field (E), then the tee is called a H-Plane Waveguide Tee.

An H-Plane Waveguide Tees can be thought of as a two way in-phase power divider/combiner i.e it is additive in nature. When two input signals are fed to port 1 & 2, the output at port 3 is in phase and additive and when the input signal is fed to port 3, the signal is split in to two equal parts that are in-phase at port 1 & 2.

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