What is Wize Technology?

What is the Wize protocol? What is it used for?
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Nov 10, 2018

Wize is a low-power, long-range and bi-directional radio communication protocol developed especially for IoT (Internet of Things) applications. This protocol was created by the Wize Alliance in late 2017. Operating in the 169 MHz frequency band, WIZE delivers secure information over a distance of several tens of kilometers in open spaces, with data rates between 2400 and 6400 bits/s all the while preserving the duration of battery life and limiting the use of bandwidth.

The 169 MHz frequency band was once used for pagers, and when they became out of fashion the frequency was repurposed for gas and water metering applications under the Wireless M-Bus European standard (EN 13757-4). The current version is based on the European standard 13757-x, defined by the European Union to accompany the deployment of communicating meters.