OmniPreSense Introduces Radar Sensors with RS-232 Support

OmniPreSense Introduces Radar Sensors with RS-232 Support

OmniPreSense Corporation, an innovative supplier of Short-Range Radar (SRR) sensors, announced an extension of its OPS243 radar sensors with support for an RS-232 interface. The RS-232 interface allows flexibility in the mounting position of the radar, critical for traffic monitoring applications which allows the OPS243 radar to be mounted away from the control unit providing it with an ideal viewing angle to gather traffic data.

The new RS-232 interface is available on both the OPS243-A Doppler radar sensor and OPS243-C 2D (Doppler & FMCW) radar sensor. The sensor can be mounted as far away as 15m or 50 ft. from the control unit. This allows flexible placement on traffic lights over the street, farther up streetlights, or buildings, optimizing the field of view for vehicle or people traffic. During the COVID pandemic, people traffic monitoring is becoming even more important to help ensure a safe 2m or 6 ft. social distancing.

The OPS243 sensors can detect people up to 20m away and vehicles up to 100m away. It has a tight 20 ̊ x 24 ̊ beam width and draws less than 1.9W of power. The same simple API found on other OmniPreSense radar sensors is utilized. The sensors carry FCC/IC modular certification, lowering cost and reducing time to market.

Rob Frizzell, CEO and co-founder of OmniPreSense, stated that they continue to extend their radar sensor line-up to make it as flexible and easy to use as possible. They are enabling smart cities which are more efficient, greener, and safer.

The OPS243-A Doppler radar sensor is priced at $209 and the OPS243-C 2D radar sensor is priced at $229 in single unit quantities.

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