Ventev Patents its Innovative Outdoor Wireless Bollard

Ventev Patents its Innovative Outdoor Wireless Bollard

Ventev, the manufacturing unit of TESSCO Technologies Incorporated, a value-added distributor to the wireless infrastructure construction industry, announced it was awarded a new patent for the innovative design of its Outdoor Wireless Bollard.

Ventev’s aesthetically-pleasing Outdoor Wireless Bollard enables seamless Wi-Fi and wireless communications in outdoor environments such as courtyards, walkways, and campuses. This compact bollard offers 70 inches of mounting space, more than any other wireless bollard on the market, and is constructed of RF-transparent, UV-resistant fiberglass and polycarbonate to protect and secure Wi-Fi access points, antennas, switches, media converters, and power supplies. The bollard has a unique internal structure that provides significantly higher strength and resistance to external forces than competing products. This makes installing network equipment, including Cisco and Aruba access points as well as most other access points and radios, simple, secure, and flexible.

Thad Lowe, General Manager of Ventev said that they are thrilled with this most recent addition to their growing list of patents, attesting to Ventev’s sustained innovation in the wireless infrastructure industry and unique product development skills. Their in-house engineers and design experts work diligently to understand their customers, the industry, and gaps in the market to develop new, unique products that answer the most dynamic challenges while providing added benefits. At Ventev, wireless innovation and design is at the core of their business, that they will continue to emphasize in years to come.

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