AmpliTech Partners with SN2N to Develop Highly Secure Satellite, IoT, and 5G Communications

AmpliTech Partners with SN2N to Develop Highly Secure Satellite, IoT, and 5G Communications

AmpliTech has announced a strategic investment and joint venture with SN2N LLC to design and manufacture an un-hackable communications channel that creates a new security paradigm: state-of-the-art signal amplification secured by intelligence-community-calibre hardware encryption. This joint development effort has already completed a proof-of-concept demonstration of the solution designed to provide clients with an additional layer of security at the hardware level without sacrificing performance. The joint venture is now progressing to develop commercial-grade solutions based on proprietary chipsets designed to provide extremely secure data transfer to any cell phone, computer, server, router, PDA, etc. to address the market's need for stronger communications security solutions.

To support development efforts for the joint venture, AmpliTech has committed up to $350,000 to purchase an initial equity stake in SN2N. The full funding of the investment is contingent on the completion of three additional development milestones: a secure device coding test, code optimization test, and FPGA design & production test. Upon successful completion of performance qualifications testing, AmpliTech would serve as an exclusive manufacturer for the LNA product line used with this encryption technology.

The joint venture is intended to address the growing need for additional security in solutions that require wireless connections. Today an unprecedented level of connectivity is being built out to power speed and bandwidth demands of data and content distribution, Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions, autonomous vehicles, quantum computing, deep space exploration, etc. Security is a top concern in any of these spaces. Currently, amplifiers used by companies in these rapidly growing spaces are not themselves encrypted at the hardware and stand to benefit greatly from the joint venture's communications solution designed to deliver far greater bandwidth, data transfer speeds, and integrated hardware security.

The market opportunity is being fueled by anticipated rapid growth in the deployment of Low Earth Orbit Satellites communications as well as the build-out of true 5G communications networks that can achieve transmission speeds of up to 20 gigabits per second (Gbps) or approximately 400X faster than current 5G performance of roughly 50 megabits per second (Mbps). The joint venture's solution seeks to allow network providers to achieve substantially improved data carriage capacity, speed and security while significantly reducing related Capex requirements.

Amplitech Group CEO, Fawad Maqbool stated that SN2N was formed by a highly experienced team to provide state-of-the-art hardware-based security technologies previously only available to the global intelligence community for National Security applications. Their joint vision is to address the urgent need to provide next-generation data transmission capabilities and security required to support projected exponential growth in transmission requirements. This joint venture underscores AmpliTech’s commitment to innovation and leadership in building upon their best-in-class solutions to deliver new and enhanced products that deliver unrivaled performance and value to their customers. Their size and innovative culture enable them to move quickly and efficiently, which is largely impossible at larger, less entrepreneurial companies.

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