pSemi Showcases its mmWave & RF Products for 5G, Wi-Fi and Wireless Infra at the Virtual IMS Event

pSemi Showcases its mmWave & RF Products for 5G, Wi-Fi and Wireless Infra at the Virtual IMS Event

pSemi, a leading fabless provider of radio frequency integrated circuits is showcasing its 5G mmWave antenna module, RF switch, Wi-Fi 6E FEM and components for Test and Measurement equipment at the virtual IMS 2021 event this week. The virtual event will take place from 22-25 June, 2021. Click here to log in and attend the virtual event.

IMS Industry Talk: On Monday, the 21 of June, pSemi’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Robert Wagner spoke about over-the-air testing for 5G mmWave ICs and modules. He discussed several types of over-the-air chambers to support various applications from high-precision characterization to production testing.

pSemi is showcasing its range of mmWave and RF products for various applications at the virtual booth where customers can view their industry talk and connect with the talented pSemi team. We have listed the products that are on display at the virtual pSemi booth at IMS 2021.

Wireless Infrastructure 

pSemi has a wide selection of RF solutions supporting wireless communication infrastructure from picocell, small cell and carrier-grade Wi-Fi solutions to traditional macro base stations. Their UltraCMOS solutions deliver the low power consumption and smaller form factor integration required for the expansion of advanced wireless networks, line of site microwave solutions and emerging 5G techniques.

  • 5G mmWave antenna integrated module (5G AiM).
  • 60 GHz RF switch for 5G infrastructure (PE42525).
  • Sub-6 GHz products.

Click here to learn more about pSemi's Wireless Infrastructure products.

Test & Measurement 

pSemi offers best-in-class devices with patented linearity technology enhancements that reduce gate lag and insertion loss drift while maintaining high linearity and isolation over an extended frequency range up to 60 GHz for test equipment, automated test equipment and other industrial applications.

  • 10 GHz digital step attenuator (PE43610).
  • 45 GHz digital step attenuator (PE43614).
  • 55 GHz digital step attenuator (PE43508).
  • 60 GHz RF switch (PE42525).

Click here to learn more about pSemi's Test & Measurement products.

Cable Broadband 

pSemi’s cable broadband solutions are designed to support the higher speeds and higher order modulation scheme requirements of the latest DOCSIS standards. Based on their UltraCMOS technology platform, our solutions deliver the low insertion loss, low spurious emissions and unmatched linearity performance required in wired broadband applications.

Click here to learn more about pSemi's Cable products.

Wi-Fi & Connectivity

With the newly ratified 6 GHz Wi-Fi 6E standard, devices can now leverage up to 1.2 GHz of unencumbered spectrum with expanded MIMO counts, providing a truly immersive wireless experience. pSemi offers products with high linearity performance for Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E and beyond.

  • 8.5 GHz RF switch for Wi-Fi 6E and ultra-wideband (PE42424).
  • Wi-Fi front-end modules (Wi-Fi FEMs).

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