SAF Tehnika's Handheld RF Signal Generators Now Available from Saelig

SAF Tehnika's Handheld RF Signal Generators Now Available from Saelig

Saelig Company has introduced the SAF Tehnika Spectrum Compact SG Series RF Signal Generators hand-held and easy-to-use RF signal generators for the 6–40 GHz licensed microwave frequency bands.  There are four models in the SG range, covering specific frequency ranges: 6-12 GHz (J0SSAG11), 10-18 GHz (J0SSAG12), 17-24 GHz (J0SSAG13), and 24-40 GHz (J0SSAG14) and they make ideal companions to SAF Tehnika’s handheld Spectrum Compact spectrum analyzers.  The output from these generators is adjustable in 1 MHz frequency steps and output power from -3 dBm up to +13 dBm can be adjusted in 1dBm increments. 

These CW sources have an intuitive, interactive GUI with instant on/off functionality, and the resistive touchscreen allows for operation even with gloved hands. The Spectrum Compact SG series can integrate with commonly available antenna or waveguide systems via a standard SMA connector.  The built-in LiPo battery allows continuous use for three hours or more. The module measures 5.04 x 3.2 x 0.94 Inches and is lightweight ideal for field use. 

The extremely portable models in the SG series are valuable tools for indoor benchtop use, or outdoors for antenna testing, alignment, and line-of-sight verification.  The output signal can be fed into a directional antenna for subsequent detection at a far point microwave dish, for instance, when paired with a SAF Spectrum Compact signal analyzer.  For precision fieldwork, external low-pass filters may also be attached to the SMA output connector.

  • Top choice for the line of sight verification applications.
  • Essential tool for antenna alignment and testing.
  • Perfect for different microwave system analysis and measurement applications.
  • Intuitive control and interactive GUI with instant on/off functionality.
  • Resistive touchscreen allows working with gloves on.

The SAF Tehnika Spectrum Compact SG Series are must-have tools for any field engineer performing microwave equipment installation, link troubleshooting, site planning, and maintenance in real-world field environments.

Field engineers and technicians can use the ultra-portable handheld microwave spectrum analyzers to conduct site surveys, radio parameter verification, antenna alignment, interference detection, line-of-sight verification, signal strength mapping, and interference hunting.

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