Mission Microwave to Continue Providing BUCs for SATCOM Transportable Terminals to the US Army

Mission Microwave to Continue Providing BUCs for SATCOM Transportable Terminals to the US Army712370

Mission Microwave Technologies, a manufacturer of highly efficient Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs) and Block Upconverters (BUCs) has received follow-on orders from a government contractor to provide Ku and Ka-band Block Upconverters (BUCs) as components of complex SATCOM transportable terminals in support of the US Army. This third order for the ongoing program is valued at $6 million. At the completion of this third tranche of BUCs, the program will be roughly one-third complete.

Francis Auricchio, President and CEO of Mission Microwave, said that Mission Microwave worked closely with one of the industry’s leading system integrators of these large transportable terminals to complete the certification cycle, allowing the replacement of Ku-band and Ka-band TWT BUCs with Mission’s MOAB Ku-band 400 W BUC and Titan 200 W Ka-band Solid State BUCs. Now that the authorization has been completed by the government program office, the value proposition of smaller, lighter and highly efficient high-power Solid-State amplifiers are available to the critical elements of the Army’s SATCOM terminal network. They look forward to continuing this progress with higher power capabilities on their customers’ new transportable terminals in the near future.

Mission’s signature Stinger, Javelin, Titan, and MOAB products have been designed into families of terminals across X-, Ku- and Ka-band frequencies, and are the high-power product of choice for tactical end-users. The common form factor and interfaces of these products allows SATCOM terminal designers to create flexible platforms, eliminating the need to re-engineer the implementation when missions change.

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