PCTEL Launches Compact Scanning Receiver for 5G Network Testing and Government Applications

PCTEL Launches Compact Scanning Receiver for 5G Network Testing and Government Applications

PCTEL, Inc., a global provider of wireless technology, has announced the launch of its next-generation 5G network testing solution, the Gflex scanning receiver.

5G networks are evolving to support a growing user base, including critical use cases such as critical infrastructure and the industrial IoT. To ensure coverage and quality of service on public and private 5G networks, field testing is essential. Scanning receivers perform a key role in network testing systems, providing engineers with accurate, detailed data needed to efficiently plan, deploy, optimize, and benchmark 2G-5G networks. As mobile networks become more complex, engineers need a scanning receiver that can adapt to more demanding testing requirements.

The Gflex scanning receiver is more powerful, more portable, and flexible than most 5G and mmWave-capable scanners currently in the market. Until now, testing a single operator’s 2G-5G networks could require the use of multiple devices. The Gflex makes drive testing and walk testing more efficient, enabling testing of multiple operators’ networks with a single compact unit.

The Gflex is the first purpose-built walk and drive test scanner to support every 5G band as currently defined in the 3GPP release 17 specification, and the first capable of measuring the full 100 MHz 5G bandwidth. The software defined radio platform and expanded frequency range make the Gflex future-proof for 5G and beyond.

With its unique set of capabilities, the Gflex scanner is designed to support a wide array of government applications such as signal intelligence, coverage mapping, and interference detection.

Gflex is a true game-changer for PCTEL and our customers. It is a next-generation platform with advanced capabilities to support the complex requirements of testing 5G and legacy technologies all in one scanning receiver. The Gflex is also a future-proof solution that will play a key role in the success of the next phase of 5G, including in-building deployments, Open RAN architectures and IoT applications,” said David Neumann, PCTEL’s CEO. “Additionally, the Gflex platform will enable PCTEL to serve a broader segment of the government market with our test and measurement solutions,” added Neumann.

Key features include:

  • Measures up to 120 5G channels simultaneously
  • Expanded frequency range (10 MHz-8 GHz, 24-48 GHz)
  • 20/100 MHz wide step IF filter measures the full 5G bandwidth
  • Tests 5G and 4G concurrently with zero performance degradation
  • Easy, automatic channel detection on the go with mobile blind scan

Customers can contact PCTEL now to place an order for Gflex scanning receivers, expected to ship by the end of 2021.

PCTEL will demonstrate the Gflex scanning receiver October 26-28 at MWC Los Angeles, booth 2317.

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