Triad RF Expands Operations with a New Manufacturing Center

Triad RF Expands Operations with a New Manufacturing Center

Triad RF Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance RF/Microwave amplifiers and integrated radio systems, has opened a new Manufacturing Center, conveniently located opposite the company's existing Design Center in East Brunswick, New Jersey. This new facility increases Triad's manufacturing capacity sixfold and creates additional space to expand the company's innovative design center.

Triad's investment in the new manufacturing center is a direct response to growing global demand for Triad's RF amplifiers, integrated radio systems, and custom RF products for unmanned systems, drones, CubeSat platforms, custom military applications, and electronic warfare systems.

Stephen Barthelmes, co-founder, and partner at Triad said that their new MCoE (Manufacturing Center of Excellence) showcases Triad RF's ability to bring rugged, small, SWaP optimized, mission-critical, and high-performance wireless communications products to market with the utmost quality.

Director of operations, Charles Jobbers further stated that designed to optimize production, the new MCoE is a critical step towards scaling up capacity to efficiently mass-produce Triad products for their customers. Triad's dedication to innovation and meticulous attention to quality remains at the core of their process and central to their brand. Their customers expect Triad to deliver cutting-edge solutions in performance and cost for their complex technical specifications and challenging environment requirements. Triad's investment also highlights the company's newly implemented manufacturing tracking system that provides production progress updates from the receipt of a customer's purchase order through to final product shipment, which can be as short as a few weeks.

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