NGK, TOREX, and Ossia Team up to Accelerate the Use of Wireless Power Transfer Technology

NGK, TOREX, and Ossia Team up to Accelerate the Use of Wireless Power Transfer Technology

NGK INSULATORS, TOREX SEMICONDUCTOR, and Ossia have started working together to spread the use of wireless power transmission/transfer (WPT) technologies. The companies have developed a WPT power receiver development kit using a combination of NGK's lithium-ion rechargeable batteries EnerCera, TOREX's low-current-consumption power supply ICs and Ossia's WPT technologies.

The adoption of sensor networks using many IoT devices has been increasing in recent years. Conventionally, powering IoT devices involved power cables and primary batteries (disposable batteries), so cumbersome wiring and replacing batteries had been an issue. Using RF to transfer power over about 10 meters, WPT is attracting attention as a power supply technology that promotes the realization and widespread use of maintenance-free IoT devices as it enables the power supply to places where wiring presents difficulties and eliminates the need to replace batteries. In particular, Ossia's Cota WPT using the 5.8 GHz band is expected to be used in a wide range of applications, including power supplies for sensors installed in places such as enterprise environments, retail, factories and warehouses. At a higher frequency of 5.8 GHz, it enables smaller receivers and more precise control of the power supply.

NGK, TOREX and Ossia are working together to spread the use of 5.8 GHz band WPT. The WPT power receiver development kit consists of the Ossia Antenna that extracts radio frequency as power, EnerCera batteries that store the power and a power supply IC that stably supplies the stored power at an optimal voltage to an MCU or sensor. Connecting this kit to any MCU or sensor enables developing a device with WPT as a power source.

Iwao Ohwada, Vice President, General Manager, Advanced Device Components Div., Electronics Business Group at NGK INSULATORS stated that with features such as low resistance, high capacity, and long life, EnerCera batteries are an ideal energy storage device for WPT because they can efficiently charge the power transmitted via WPT and store it for long periods of time and provide high enough output to power MCUs and sensors. Combined with the power supply IC and Ossia's WPT technology, they will promote the development and popularization of maintenance-free IoT devices powered by WPT using the 5.8 GHz band.

Tomoharu Yamamoto, General Manager, Product Planning & Overseas Sales Management HQs at TOREX SEMICONDUCTOR said that TOREX's power supply ICs realize low consumption, high efficiency, and low noise, enabling EnerCera to be charged with zero waste by the power transferred via WPT. The micro DCDC series, integrating a coil and control IC, facilitates a stable supply of power stored in EnerCera at an optimal voltage to MCUs or sensors, helping to make devices even more compact.

Jennifer Grenz, Chief Revenue Officer, Ossia mentioned that Ossia's Cota Real Wireless Power is uniquely suited for multiple battery applications. Charging batteries with wireless power changes the way companies can design products without needing to have easy access for frequent battery replacement. It is also an environmental benefit to reduce disposable battery waste. One Cota transmitter can power multiple batteries simultaneously, even while in motion, allowing for product innovation.

EnerCera batteries

EnerCera is an ultra-small/ultra-thin lithium-ion rechargeable battery using NGK's original crystal-oriented ceramic plate as electrodes. EnerCera's unique battery structure (semi-solid-state battery) where small amounts of electrolytic solution are infused into multi-layered ceramic battery materials, enabling it to achieve features required to power IoT devices but which had been difficult to incorporate in existing lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, such as being ultra-small/ultra-thin, high capacity, high output, high-heat-resistance and long life. EnerCera batteries' innovation and practicality have been highly commended, and it has received many awards as an energy storage device promoting the full-scale popularization of IoT modules.

"micro DC/DC" XCL Series

"micro DC/DC" The XCL series is ultra-small DC/DC converters that integrate a coil and a control IC using Torex's unique technology. Our unbending dedication as a power IC manufacturer has maximized DC/DC converter performance, and we have realized a product that simultaneously achieves space-saving, high efficiency, low noise, high heat dissipation, and low cost.

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