Novotech Collaborates with EmWicon to Solve the Shortage of WiFi Modules

Novotech Collaborates with EmWicon to Solve the Shortage of WiFi Modules

Novotech, a leading distributor of IoT products, services, and solutions has partnered with EmWicon, a global modem and module manufacturer to distribute world-class WiFi modules to the North American market. Of particular interest is the newly designed, highly reliable, 802.11ac (WiFi) modules designed to be a drop-in replacement for similar modules facing unreasonable lead times and skyrocketing costs. These include the WMX6218 for the mPCIe and WMX6219 for the M.2e module variants.

"We are pleased to be working with such innovators in the module space. EmWicon is renowned for producing robust, reliable, and cost-effective modules with a variety of chipsets. Our technical and support team have a great relationship with EmWicon which has produced a lot of trust in people and product." Says Steve Shock, VP Marketing for Novotech.

The partnership will also bring the North American market increased access to the Realtek RTL8822 based 802.11ac chipset used in the WMU & WMX product lines. These lines are considered the most versatile & easy to integrate global WiFi modules available in the market. The WMX & WMU series simplifies WiFi integration by offering a full range of interfaces with Global RF certifications. This can reduce typical integration times from 1-2 years to less than 6 months.

Steve continues: "We are confident that these 2 products alone can help reduce the impact of the global chip shortage and its devastating effects on the IoT market."

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