Trending 5G Products in 2022: February Edition

Trending 5G Products in 2022: February Edition

5G Technology has been growing at an unprecidented pace. Global 5G connections are expected to cross 1.5 Billion in 2024. The network is not only being used to connect people via video and voice but also devices, cars, satellites and much more. All this is powered by a range of RF and microwave components that are used to build out the network and devices within it. In this article, everything RF has listed some interesting 5G products that were trending on the website in February 2022.

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4-Channel Analog 5G Beamforming IC from 24.25 to 27.5 GHz

The MMW9004KC from NXP is a 4-channel Analog Beamforming IC that operates in the 5G frequency bands from 24.25 to 27.5 GHz. Each channel of this IC consists of a Tx chain and an Rx chain. Both Tx and Rx chains include a phase shifter and a variable gain amplifier (VGA). They provide a Tx gain of 30 dB, an Rx gain of 24 dB, and a high phase and amplitude resolution. Read more.

8-Channel Beamforming Front-End Module from 24.25 to 27.5 GHz

The PE188100 from pSemi is an 8-Channel Beamforming Front-End Module that operates from 24.25 to 27.5 GHz covering the n258 5G band. It has an integrated power amplifier, low-noise amplifier, limiter/combiner, and a phase and amplitude beamformer for each channel. This beamforming module supports up to four dual-polarity antennas or eight single-polarity antennas. Read more.

24 to 30 GHz Dual Polarization Quad 4x2 Beamformer IC for 5G

The AWMF-0221 from Anokiwave is a highly integrated silicon RF beamforming IC (BFIC) that operates from 24.25 to 29.5 GHz (n258, n257, and n261 3GPP bands). It is built on Anokiwave's quad-channel, dual-polarization CMOS platform. It supports 4 dual-polarization or 8 single-polarization antenna configurations and operates in Tx/Rx half-duplex modes. Each beamforming IC includes beam steering controls for compliance with all 3GPP standards. Read more.

mmWave Upconverter and Downconverter from 24 to 29.5 GHz

The ADMV1128 from Analog Devices is a Microwave Upconverter and Downconverter with an RF Frequency from 24 to 29.5 GHz. It integrates an upconverter (a transmitter), a downconverter (a receiver), and an LO chain with options of a 2x or 4x multiplier in a single chip. This upconverter/downconverter is suitable for use in mmWave 5G. Read more.

Smart 5G (NSA/SA) Module with Integrated Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

The SC161 from Fibocom is an RF Module for 3G, 4G, and 5G applications. The module supports both 5G NSA and SA modes and is backward compatible with the 4G/3G network. It delivers a peak DL data rate of 1.9 Gbps (SA mode) and a peak UL data rate of 750 Mbps. The module also supports Bluetooth 5.1 (BLE), 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4/5 GHz) and is Wi-Fi 6 ready. Read more.

Multi-Band Sub-6 GHz 5G SA/LTE/3G Module

The SIM8210C from SIMCom is a Multi-Band Sub-6 GHz 5G-NR Module that also supports Release-15 5G SA, LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD, and HSPA+ bands. It delivers a downlink data rate of up to 1.5 Gbps (Sub-6 GHz 5G), 400 Mbps (LTE), and an uplink data rate of 1 Gbps (Sub-6 GHz 5G), 100 Mbps (LTE). This module can be controlled via PCIe, USB 3.1, GPIO, I2C and provides users with flexibility and ease of integration. Read more.

2G/3G/4G/5G Tx-Rx Front-End Module

The SKY58091-11 from Skyworks is a Tx-Rx Front-End Module that is designed for 2G/3G/4G/5G applications. It consists of a low-band 3G/4G/5G PA block, low- and high-band 2G PA blocks, a silicon controller, RF band switches, antenna switches, a bi-directional coupler, and integrated switched duplexer filters. Read more.

Dual-Channel Switch + LNA Module from 2.3 to 5 GHz

The QPB9378 from Qorvo is an Integrated RF Front-End Module that operates from 2.3 to 5 GHz. It consists of a two-stage LNA and a high-power SPDT switch in a dual-channel configuration. The module features a 2nd stage LNA with bypass functionality and power-down mode for LNA when in transmit mode. It is ideal for use in wireless infrastructure applications configured for 5G TDD-based MIMO architectures. Read more.

Integrated Dual-Channel Switch and LNA Module from 2 to 6 GHz

The MAMF-011138 from MACOM is an Integrated Dual-Channel Switch and Low-Noise Amplifier Module that operates from 2 to 6 GHz. It includes two antenna switches and two 2-stage low noise amplifiers (the second stage LNAs can be bypassed). The module uses mixed technologies to achieve high power handling, low noise figure, and low power consumption. Read more.

Remote Spectrum Monitor from 9 kHz to 9/20/43.5 GHz

The MS27201A from Anritsu is a Remote Spectrum Monitor that operates from 9 kHz to 9/20/43.5 GHz covering all standard LMR, cellular, satellite, and defense electronic bands. It has an analysis bandwidth of 110 MHz and a resolution bandwidth from 1 Hz to 10 MHz with a phase noise of -110dBc/Hz. This spectrum monitor has a measurement range from -164 dBm to +30 dBm and a dynamic range of over 106 dB. Read more.

3 dB 90° Hybrid Coupler from 4 to 40 GHz

The QH-0440 from Marki Microwave is a 90° Quadrature Hybrid Coupler that operates from 4 to 40 GHz. This 3 dB coupler has an insertion loss of 2 dB and provides isolation of more than 13 dB. It features a multi-section tri-plate stripline design that exhibits an excellent amplitude balance of ±0.4 dB and a phase balance of ±5°. Read more.

30 W, 2-Way Power Divider from 18 to 40 GHz

The 802-3-29.000 from MECA is a 2-way power divider that operates from 18 to 40 GHz. It can handle up to 30 watts of power, has an insertion loss of under 1.80 dB and isolation over 14.5 dB. The power divider is available in a module with 2.92 mm female connectors. Read more.

17 W mmWave Power Amplifier from 32 to 36 GHz

The 955A-32/36.5/38/42.5/599 from MI-WAVE is a mmWave Power Amplifier that operates from 32 to 36 GHz. It delivers an output power of 17 W (42.5 dBm) with a small signal gain of 45 dB. This amplifier requires a DC supply of +6/+29 V and consumes less than 2.3 A of current. It is ideal for use in 5G/6G, test & measurement, mobile & satellite communications, weather & earth observation, and radar system applications. Read more.

Rugged 5G/Wi-Fi/GNSS Shark Fin Antennas from 0.6 to 6 GHz

The Trooper Max Series from PCTEL are 5G Cellular/Wi-Fi/GNSS Antennas that operate from 600 MHz to 6 GHz. They contain 2 antenna elements for 5G/LTE coverage, 2 Wi-Fi antennas for dual-band Wi-Fi coverage, 1 GNSS antenna, and an optional UHF or TETRA whip antenna element for land mobile radio (LMR) band coverage. These linearly polarized antennas provide a maximum gain of 7.3 dB and an efficiency of up to 74%. Read more.

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