RF MEMS Tuners from Cavendish Kinetics now Shipping in 5 Smartphone Models

CavendishCavendish Kinetics, a provider of high-performance RF MEMS tuning solutions has announced that its SmarTune™ antenna tuning solution is gaining significant traction in the LTE smartphone market. The first OEM adopted Cavendish’s SmarTune solution at the end of 2014, and now they are shipping in 5 different smartphone models. The new design wins address difficult LTE spectrum band combinations, especially the 2 GHz band required in the Chinese market and the 700/800 MHz bands required by many European and North American operators. For the first time Cavendish’s SmarTune solution is also used to optimize the performance of the LTE MIMO antenna.

Now that most OEM’s recognize the benefit of aperture tuning over impedance matching, they are finding that Cavendish’s SmarTune solution allows them to design very small, highly efficient antennas that are needed to enable ever slimmer smartphones, without sacrificing radio performance. Cavendish’s RF MEMS Tuners outperform traditional SOI switch based antenna tuning solutions by 2-3 dB, resulting in much higher data rates (up to 2x) and improved battery life (up to 40%). For network operators the SmarTune enabled devices provide more efficient spectrum utilization as increased data rates allow more users to be served in the same amount of spectrum. Optimizing the MIMO performance in smartphones further improves user data rates and network efficiency.

Publisher: everything RF