Trive Capital Acquires Custom Microwave, Inc. and Merges it with Vitesse Systems

Trive Capital Acquires Custom Microwave, Inc. and Merges it with Vitesse Systems

Trive Capital has announced that it has acquired Custom Microwave, Inc. (CMi), which will join the Vitesse Systems platform. Vitesse Systems was launched in 2018 following the acquisition of California Brazing. The platform is focused on mission-critical assemblies that enable the advancement of communication, radar and electronic warfare systems.

CMi is a leading provider of high-performance passive antennas that are engineered for critical space and ground applications. CMi's engineering and testing expertise combined with advanced manufacturing processes such as electroforming and additive manufacturing will enable Vitesse to support a complete range of complex high-performance RF applications.

David Stinnett (Partner – Trive Capital) stated: "The proliferation of military and commercial satellites has resulted in increased demand for high-performance antennas. The addition of CMi will enable Vitesse to support a broad range of LEO and GEO satellite programs and related ground-based systems. CMi will also complement Vitesse's existing thermal management and precision waveguide manufacturing capability."

Clency Lee-Yow (Owner and CEO – CMi) commented: "Partnering with Vitesse will allow us to gain broader exposure to a more diverse customer set and accelerate growth for CMi. We are excited to be able to support our customers as the demand for next-generation communication systems continues to rise."

Matthew Alty (CEO – Vitesse Systems) explained: "We are excited to have Clency and the CMi team join Vitesse. CMi is not only a fantastic addition to our existing capabilities but also a great cultural fit; an innovative people-led business with a long-standing track record of delivering antenna solutions that are critical to the security of the USA, enhance space exploration, facilitate earth observation and enable global communication."

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