FiberArch’s RF Over Fiber Technology Solves Challenges Faced in Long Range RF Transmission

FiberArch’s RF Over Fiber Technology Solves Challenges Faced in Long Range RF Transmission

FiberArch is a world-class radio-optical bridging solution developed and produced by RF SPIN, a leading European RF solutions manufacturer. This unique and high-performance RF over fiber technology is a high-tech and sophisticated system that uses modular architecture based on the conversion of a radio signal to optical signal and back, thus effectively eliminating the difficulties associated with long-distance RF transmission.

Complex radio solutions have high performance and reliability, but they have their limits due to the limited range of the radio signal. In wireless links or signal transmission over coaxial cables, the purpose of the project or local topology often requires that the distance between the connected points exceeds what the link allows. At the same time, the alternatives, whether via long-range point-to-point connections or satellite relay, bring with them additional difficulties and compromises – not only in terms of performance, delay and interference but also in terms of transmission security. FiberArch’s RF-over-fiber solutions can be the answer to these challenges.

FiberArch solution was devised through cooperation and long-term research carried out at the prestigious Czech Technical University in Prague and includes high-end components that enable it to provide a wide range of transmitted frequencies, stability and transmission quality. The laser modules used in the FiberArch solution are fully compatible with standard fiber optic cable technologies, allowing the capacity of existing fiber-optic networks to be utilized.

5G Networks and Beyond

FiberArch, built for radio signal transmission at high frequencies, is a brilliant technological step forward for the implementation of 5G networks whose demands today exceed the capabilities of wireless radio signal transmission. The massive support of high frequencies, especially due to the sufficient capacity of data streams and future-ready frequency bands, makes it the ideal solution for connecting individual network points and covering the 5G area with radio signals.

The architecture of the solution, and in particular the full transparency of the RF over fiber link, guarantees compatibility with existing network designs and delivers a radical increase in RF signal transmission distance. At the same time, FiberArch is a frequency-neutral solution, allowing users to further utilize individual frequency bands as needed without having to consider the existence of point-to-point optical links.

Application scenarios for RF over fiber solutions today or in the near future include a large number of other applications, for example in indoor applications in buildings or industrial parks, where FiberArch can replace and outperform coaxial cable or radio transmission.

In the development of new systems in the aerospace, automotive or defense industry, it enables radio signal transmission in frequency bands up to 50 GHz with minimal distortion and unprecedented performance, thus contributing to the design of innovative solutions. These systems will be able to operate up to hundreds of GHz in subsequent years.

Modular System that Suits Various Needs

FiberArch solutions utilize a modular architecture that allows for precise configuration of devices according to needs, technical specifications and application scenarios. Three basic configurations reflect the specific situations where FiberArch delivers the greatest benefits:

  • Fast Bridge Configuration: Quick replacement of coaxial cable in basic applications. Fast Bridge solution is optimal for simplex transmission from short to long distances, where the coaxial cable loss is unacceptable or has problems with a high level of interference.

  • Power Bridge Configuration: Power Bridge solution is for those who have a high demand for quality RF signal transmission. The length of optical cable can be up to tens of kilometers.

  • Extreme Bridge Configuration: Complete custom solution that allows one to optimize their units to their application.

Device Form Factor

The complete FiberArch solution configuration can be mounted in standardized 19″ rack-mount enclosures with a precision-engineered front panel and highly efficient electronics cooling. By using a common and fully supported design format, the solution is unified with other common optical infrastructure elements, enabling convenient installation and management.

Additional enclosure formats are also available for special applications, which may reflect, for example, higher environmental requirements or application-specific space constraints.

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