TMYTEK and NI Develop Rapid mmWave Prototyping Solution for 5G, Radar, and SATCOM Applications

TMYTEK and NI Develop Rapid mmWave Prototyping Solution for 5G, Radar, and SATCOM Applications

TMY Technology, an innovator delivering the breakthroughs of millimeter-wave solutions, has announced a joint collaboration with National Instruments (NI) to offer a rapid millimeter-wave prototyping solution that integrates the NI Ettus USRP X410 and TMYTEK UD Box 5G frequency converter with TMYTEK BBox 5G beamformers for advanced wireless communication and sensing research targeting 5G/B5G, SATCOM, radar, and more.

This new rapid mmWave prototyping solution incorporates best-in-class products from TMYTEK and NI. The TMYTEK beamformer series can be used to easily experiment with beam steering, displaying visual results via the intuitive TMXLAB Kit (TLK) GUI. The TMYTEK frequency converter provides up and down conversion between sub-6 GHz and the mmWave band, enabling 5G NR FR2 waveforms transmission without performance compromise. The NI Ettus USRP X410 with open FPGA and wide instantaneous bandwidth is ideal for RF signal generation and analysis.

"We are pleased to be the global partner of NI's 5G solution provider in wireless communications," said Ethan Lin, co-founder and VP of TMYTEK. "And we trust this partnership will accelerate the global deployment of 5G mmWave applications. This is a fast-growing market and TMYTEK will be the top choice for customers who have waited a long time for a rapid mmWave prototyping solution, which is available now!"

"5G and 6G will impact the lives of everyone on the planet and the collaboration between NI and TMYTEK will enable wireless engineers to rapidly innovate and tackle some of the open challenges facing the commercialization of mmWave technology," said Douglas Farrell, Offering Director – Wireless Research of NI.  "Leveraging the NI USRP platform and open protocol stacks, NI and TMYTEK will enable researchers to quickly move new concepts from mathematical models to over-the-air mmWave testbeds."

TMYTEK's and NI's mmWave Prototyping Solution fully supports 5G FR2 bands 26/28/39 GHz and features a ready-to-use beamformer platform and nanosecond beam switching, designed for 5G and SATCOM mmWave system developers, system integrators, MIMO researchers, and OAI developers.

Components Included in the TMYTEK and NI rapid mmWave Prototyping Solution Package

  • TMYTEK BBox One 26/28/39 GHz with 4x4 AA kit
  • TMYTEK BBox Lite 26/28/39 GHz with 1x4 AA kit
  • TMYTEK UD Box 5G Dual with built-in LO source (RF: 24-44 GHz, IF: 0.01-14 GHz)
  • NI Ettus USRP X410
  • NI PXI system

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