Sequans and Eseye Collaborate to Introduce the World's First Multi-Carrier iSIM Solution for IoT

Sequans and Eseye Collaborate to Introduce the World's First Multi-Carrier iSIM Solution for IoT

Sequans Communications S.A., one of the leading providers of cellular IoT chips and modules, and Eseye, a leader in IoT connectivity solutions, have joined forces to deliver the world's first universal iSIM (integrated eUICC) connectivity solution targeting the GSMA eSIM M2M standard. 

The solution will reduce the complexity and cost of IoT deployments providing assured and continuous connectivity across multiple countries, carriers, and networks, without changing or adding physical (e)SIMs. The simple yet resilient solution ensures enterprises their devices will remain connected with a high level of security and consistent quality of service for maximum device uptime, even if underlying carrier contracts change or expire. The solution also brings device design advantages, including increased security, reduced power consumption, and reduced space and cost due to fewer components on the PCB.

The combined Sequans/Eseye solution provides enterprise customers with coverage insurance by allowing a company to activate the integrated eSIM and switch carriers at any time, either pre- or post-deployment. Eseye's award-winning AnyNet+ eSIM and IoT Connectivity Service provide extensive connections to regional carriers, delivering nearly 100 percent uptime to devices anywhere in the world. With easySWAP and AnyNet in one solution, businesses can extend their asset lifetimes and improve ROI by connecting to alternative connectivity providers dynamically, with no interruption in service.

easySWAP with AnyNet connectivity can benefit customers both pre- and post-deployment: 

  1. Pre-deployment phase – for customers considering a combined module and global connectivity solution for their IoT devices, easySWAP offers a pre-certified global connectivity solution that reduces cost and can be embedded in the device right from the start with minimal testing. 
  2. Post-deployment phase – for customers who have already designed and deployed their IoT devices with Sequans Monarch module with easySWAP embedded (perhaps using an alternative connectivity provider), Eseye's AnyNet connectivity service will stay reliably connected even if they experience a drop in connectivity when changing carriers.

The solution offers MNO customizable connectivity over the air through a remote SIM provisioning platform, with the flexibility to choose from a range of North American networks to enable localized connection across the USA and Canada. This ensures any IoT customer can enjoy a smooth operation of their integrated eSIM solution, as well as providing access to further roaming and localized capability across the world to ensure any IoT deployment complies with global regulations.

"Our collaboration with Eseye has resulted in an elegant solution for enterprises who are now relieved of the burden of managing multiple connectivity providers and all the complexity that goes with it," said Georges Karam, Sequans CEO. "With easySWAP, an IoT business can switch to another network quickly and seamlessly, and we are very pleased to offer this universal connectivity solution."

"This ground-breaking joint solution with Sequans gives enterprise customers easy access to Eseye's award-winning and highly resilient global connectivity service, allowing them to reduce initial costs by eliminating the need for a physical SIM, and by creating huge downstream ROI by being able to switch networks to avoid roaming restrictions," said Nick Earle, Eseye CEO. "Sequans easySWAP with Eseye's advanced eSIM and AnyNet Connectivity solution transforms how enterprises deploy IoT devices anywhere in the world at scale with complete connectivity assurance that delivers near 100 percent device uptime."

How it Works     

  1. Customer selects Sequans' Monarch 2 GM02S module with easySWAP, which enables the integrated eSIM (ieUICC).
  2. Customer executes contract with Eseye as universal connectivity provider.
  3. Customer activates their device, and Eseye manages network switching as required to maintain connectivity and regulatory compliance. 

Key Features of Sequans easySWAP and Eseye's AnyNet Connectivity Solution:

  • EAL5+ security for integrated eSIM (ieUICC).
  • Preloaded with Eseye eUICC multi-IMSI profile to future-proof connectivity.
  • Localization to networks in North America, and in the future European networks such as Three.
  • Over-the-air remote SIM provisioning (RSP) with step-2 provisioning.
  • Powered by Kigen eSIM OS.
  • Backward compatible with external SIM, including traditional SIM cards or soldered SIMs, swapping between them with a simple AT command.
  • Reduced carbon footprint for sustainable IoT

Sequans and Eseye will be extending the end-to-end solution to selected customers beginning in March.

Learn more about the new Sequans/Eseye solution at Mobile World Congress at the Sequans stand, hall 5, 5H40. Click here to download the solution brief.

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