Trending Military Products in 2023: April Edition

Trending Military Products in 2023: April Edition

everything RF has compiled a list of RF & Microwave products for military applications that were trending on the website in April 2023. Typically RF & Microwave products for military applications need to operate in harsh conditions so that they do not fail when being used in mission-critical applications. The reliability requirements for each type of product can vary based on the intended application. We have compiled a short list of products in this article, but have a whole range of products, articles, news and more in the Military Hub, click here to learn more.

Compact Link 16 Tactical Radio with Range of 370 Km for Military Applications

The TacNet™ TACR-16DL from Collins Aerospace is a Link 16 Tactical Radio. This radio supports dual or single antenna transmit and receive, has three power modes (1 W, 50 W and 90 W) and a range of more than 200 nautical miles (370 Km). It is tested and qualified to NATO and Department of Defense requirements and ensures interoperability with MIDS and JTIDS (Link 16). The terminal is MIL-STD 810F and MIL-STD 461E compliant and provides critical network connectivity to platforms that traditionally have not had access to the network. Read more

3-Channel VHF/UHF/L-Band Software-Defined Radio for Airborne Applications

The E-LynX™ AR from Elbit Systems is a Multi-Channel Software-Defined Radio (SDR) that operates in VHF/UHF band from 30 to 512 MHz and in L-Band from of 960 to 1240 MHz. It has 3 independent RX/TX channels with a channel bandwidth of up to 4 MHz (narrowband and wideband) and delivers an output power of up to 50 W (per channel). This SDR is based on SCA 2.2.2 platform-compliant radio architecture with red/black separation and has an integrated GPS receiver that enables radio position. Read more

IP Data Links from 4.4 to 5 GHz for Hypersonic Airborne Applications

The P4700 Series from BERTEN are Airborne-Qualified IP Data Links that operate in the NATO Band IV from 4400 to 5000 MHz. They have been designed to provide a compact, robust, and affordable solution for tactical communications in electronic warfare (EW) environments. These transceivers implement unique frequency offset compensation algorithms that keep communication performance at hypersonic speeds of up to Mach 5 (more than 6000 km/h). They deliver a data rate of up to 100 Mbps and support QPSK, 16-QAM, DBPSK, and DQPSK modulation schemes. The transceivers utilize dynamic packet routing techniques to maintain links between nodes that are beyond the Line of Sight (LoS). Read more

Four-Element Active CRPA Antenna for GPS L1/L2 (P and M-Code) Bands

The 20-7009 from Chelton is an Active CRPA Antenna that operates from 1215.6 to 1587.42 MHz covering the GPS L1 & L2 (P and M-Code) bands. This CPRA (Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna) consists of four light-weight, temperature stable radiating elements with hemispherical coverage. The antenna has RHCP polarization and is available in a variety of options, including passive and active configurations. The active configuration containing four low-noise amplifiers protected by filters, providing rejection of unwanted out-of-band signals, and limiters which provide protection from high power signals. Read more

5-Channel GPS Anti-Jam System for Ground and Marine Applications

The NavGuard 501® SAGE from Mayflower Communications is a GPS Anti-Jam System. It has a 5-channel design and provides simultaneous dual frequency (L1 and L2) GPS protection. This system utilizes a 3.5-inch diameter FRPA footprint and offers an affordable SWaP-C alternative over larger and more expensive existing anti-jam systems. It is a cost-effective alternative for use in GPS contested or denied (NAVWAR) environments and can drive multiple GPS devices from a single antenna and provide full functionality to all connected devices. The system is designed for the submarine OE-538B antenna system and is C/A, SAASM, and M-Code compatible. It also supports Iridium communications. Read more

1700 Watt GaN-on-SiC Power Amplifier from 960 to 1215 MHz

The QPD1034 from Qorvo is a High-Power Amplifier that operates from 960 to 1215 MHz. It delivers an output power of 1734 W (P3dB) with a linear gain of 19.4 dB and has an efficiency of 61.6%. This amplifier is manufactured using GaN-on-SiC HEMT technology that ensures optimal performance and high reliability. It can be used for both CW and Pulse applications. The amplifier requires a DC supply of 65 V and consumes less than 685 W of power. This RoHS-compliant amplifier is available in a module with coaxial connectors that measures 4.250 x 2.235 x 0.640 inches. Read more

Low Noise Cryogenic Amplifier from 6 to 8.5 GHz

The APTC3-06000850-2K00-D2-V from AmpliTech is a Low Noise Cryogenic Amplifier that operates from 6.0 to 8.5 GHz. It has been designed for cryogenic applications down to 4K, with an industry-low Noise Figure of 25K at +296K and 2K at 4K case temperatures across the band. It provides a more than 40 dB of gain with a noise figure of less than 0.029 dB (at 4 K) and has a P1dB of -6 dBm. The amplifier is manufactured using state-of-the-art pHEMT technology and is compliant with MIL-883 and MIL-45208 military standards. It requires a DC supply of 0.5 V and consumes less than 20 mA of current. Read more

10 W GaN Bi-Directional Amplifier from 5 to 6 GHz for Military/Commercial Applications

The TTRM4302 from Triad RF Systems is a Bi-Directional Amplifier that operates from 5000 to 6000 MHz. In Tx mode, it delivers a saturated output power of 10 W (40 dBm) with a gain of 25 dB while in Rx mode, it provides a gain of 15 dB and has a noise figure of 2.5 dB. This class AB amplifier supports manual or automatic Tx/Rx switching and has a switching time of less than 2 µs. It uses GaN transistor technology to achieve high linearity with low distortion, or peak power at high efficiencies. The amplifier is designed to support signal types from simple CW/FM signals to complex, highly modulated carriers such as 64 and 256 QAM for 3G/4G telecom and WLAN applications. It features over/under/reverse voltage protection and also provides over-temperature protection. Read more

4-Port Full-Duplex Bi-Directional GaN Amplifier from 0.5 to 6 GHz

The Xtender™ ULSC-20-C01-S01 from NuWaves is a 4-Port Full-Duplex Bi-Directional Amplifier that operates from 0.5 to 6 GHz. In Tx mode, this amplifier delivers a saturated output power of 20 W with a gain of 38 dB while in Rx mode, it provides a gain of 20 dB and has a noise of 5 dB. It is based on gallium nitride (GaN) technology and includes over-voltage and reverse voltage protection features. This full-duplex amplifier has an overall efficiency of 27% and is ideal for extending the communication range of full-duplex wideband transceivers and Software Defined Radios (SDRs). It requires a DC supply of 28 V, and consumes less than 0.7 A of current in Tx mode and 100 mA of current in Rx mode. Read more

6 GHz Flame-Retardant Flexible Low-Loss RF Cable

The SPUMA_400-RS-FR from HUBER+SUHNER is a Flexible RF Cable that operates up to 6 GHz. It has been developed using rotary swaging technology and provides easy handling and installation due to its flexibility. This cable is an alternative to LMR coaxial cables (from Times Microwave Systems) and uses halogen-free materials with low loss and VSWR optimization. It is flame retardant and is suitable for use in defense, railway, and wireless infrastructure applications. Read more

Tunable Filter with Adjustable Centre Frequency from 2.7 to 3.3 GHz

The NWETF2733-0 from Nanowave Technologies is an Electronically Tunable Filter with an adjustable centre frequency from 2.7 to 3.3 GHz. It has an adjustable 3 dB bandwidth from 40 to 100 MHz with an adjustment time of less than 150 μs. This filter can handle an input power of up to 0 dBm and has spurious levels of less than -50 dBc. It is suited for applications that require low-power frequency agile filtering at microwave frequencies. Read more

Bandstop Filter with Stopband from 27.5 to 31 GHz for Naval Applications

The BSF-IP-27500-31000-40-KF-KF from Deti Microwave is a Bandstop Filter with a stopband from 27.5 to 31 GHz. It has an insertion loss of less than 2.5 dB outside of the stopband (from 18 to 27.5 GHz / 31 to 40 GHz) and provides more than 40 dB of rejection in the stopband. This filter can handle an input power of 20 dBm and has a VSWR of less than 2:1. It utilizes an innovative hybrid technology with a planar and mechanical structure with a small tuning screw. Read more

Diplexer with Passbands from 14.4-14.93 GHz / 15.15-15.35 GHz for Military Applications

The UFDX9999-010 from MtronPTI is a Ku-Band Diplexer with a lower passband from 14.400-14.930 GHz and an upper passband from 15.150-15.350 GHz. It can handle a CW input power of 30 W and provides a channel-to-channel isolation of more than 70 dBc. This diplexer has a phase linearity of ±2° which enables it to support higher data transfer rates with low latency. It is available in a connectorized module that measures 2.91 x 2.40 x 0.60 inches and is suitable for common data link (CDL) applications in UAS, SATCOM, and electronic warfare. Read more

Man-Portable Interference Hunting and RF Monitoring Receiver from 9 kHz to 18 GHz

The RFeye StormCase from CRFS is a man-portable integrated system designed for easy mobile spectrum monitoring from a fully autonomous and ruggedized stand-alone unit that operates from 9 kHz to 18 GHz. It incorporates an RFeye Node 100-8 or 100-18, internal and external antenna ports, high-performance hot-swappable rechargeable MIL-SPEC battery and integrated 512 GB SSD memory for high-volume data collection during mobile field operations. Read more

RF Limiter from 1 to 18 GHz with Flat Leakage of 26.75 dBm

The LM-1G18G-2W-SFF-BIAS from Quantic PMI is an RF Limiter that operates from 1.0 to 18.0 GHz. It can handle a CW input power of 2 W and a peak input power of up to 1000 W (~60 dBm, 0.1% duty cycle). This limiter has an insertion loss of less than 2 dB and a flat leakage of 26.75 dBm. It requires a DC supply from 0 V to -10 V and consumes less than 1 mA of current. This RF limiter is available in a connectorized module that measures 0.53 x 0.69 inches with internally DC-blocked SMA connectors and can be surface-mounted or connectorized. Read more

Radiation Tolerant 20 GHz SPDT Absorptive Switch for Space Applications

The TDSW020A2T from Teledyne Defense Electronics is an Absorptive SPDT Switch that operates from DC to 20 GHz. It can handle an input power of up to 35 dBm, provides an isolation of more than 40 dB and has an insertion loss of less than 3 dB. This switch is fabricated on robust 0.15 μm InGaAs pHEMT technology. It is controlled using TTL-compatible voltage levels and requires DC supplies of +5V/-5V. The switch is available in a hermetic, ceramic QFN package that measures 5 x 5 mm with space level screening or as a space-qualified die that measure 1.5 x 1.5 mm. It is ideal for use in radar, military, space and instrumentation applications. Read more

2.5 kW, L-Band GaN Transistor for Directed Energy Applications

The IGN1012S2500 from Integra Technologies is an RF Transistor that operates in the L-band. It delivers an output power of 2.5 kW and requires a DC supply of 100 V. This transistor utilizes Integra’s 3rd generation RF GaN technology that is optimized to deliver high power and efficiency in a single package while maintaining reliable operating junction temperatures. It also combines Integra’s patented thermal enhancement strategies and transistor design expertise to offer a reliable operation with an MTTF of 10 million hours. This RF transistor is ideal for directed energy applications. Read more

1 W GaN Amplifier MMIC from 12.7 to 18 GHz

The CMPA1D1J001S from Wolfspeed is a High-Power Amplifier MMIC that operates from 12.7 to 18 GHz. It delivers a saturated output power of 1 W (up to 31.5 dBm) with a large signal gain of 23 dB and a power-added efficiency of up to 35%. This amplifier utilizes Wolfspeed’s high performance, 0.15µm GaN on the SiC production process, and supports both radar and communication applications within both military and commercial markets. It requires a DC supply of 22 V and consumes 30 mA of current. The amplifier is available in a plastic overmold QFN package that measures 4 x 3 mm and is ideal for military, commercial radar & communications, and general-purpose broadband amplifier applications. Read more

TCXO from 50 to 100 MHz for Shock Sensitive Applications

The T1241 from GreenRay Industries is a TCXO that operates from 50 to 100 MHz. It provides a square-wave CMOS output with a phase noise of -160 dBc/Hz (at 100 kHz offset). This oscillator has frequency stability of ±5 ppm and g-sensitivity of 0.07 ppb/g for reliable phase noise performance in high vibration and shock-sensitive applications. It has a rise/fall time of less than 10 ns and includes EFC for precise tuning or phase-locking applications. Read more

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