New Range of Microwave Combiners from Link Microtek for Automotive EMC Testing Applications

Link Microtek has launched a new range of broadband microwave combiners for use in high power amplifier systems (HPAs) for applications such as automotive EMC testing.

These combiners enable a high power, low loss combination of microwave signals with performance that cannot be achieved by other methods such as Wilkinson combiners. For example, the AMRC-8-7/16 is a 3 to 6 GHz, 8-way combiner offering a loss of only around 0.3 dB whilst able to combine up to 1000 watts of power. It has a radial design with eight N-type input ports and one 7/16 output port. Since the design is reciprocal, it can be used as a power splitter as well. The unit is compact (190 mm long, 56 mm diameter) and weighs less than 1.1 kg. It is fabricated in aluminum and has an unpainted but a black satin paint finish is also available.

Combining power from microwave amplifier modules has been an increasingly important requirement. A solid state combined HPA can reach the output of vacuum tube devices but can also offer ‘graceful degradation’ upon failure of a single module rather than the catastrophic ‘all or nothing’ performance when a tube fails.

Designed and manufactured at Link Microtek’s facility in Basingstoke, these combiners are individually built to customer specifications. The company can offer wider band (1 - 6 GHz) or narrower band (X-band) versions with different number of ports and connector configurations. A typical narrow band pulsed application would be for weather radar. Click here for more information.

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