Innovative Waveguide Clamping System Provides Reliable Connections

Innovative Waveguide Clamping System Provides Reliable Connections

HXI, a subsidiary of Renaissance Electronics & Communications, has released a new Waveguide Clamping System (HWC385-387) that can be used with any WR15 through WR8 standard waveguide flange for calibration. This durable steel constructed system improves waveguide connection reliability and repeatability. It has captive waveguide screws at two positions that may be left in place while using the clamp.

In order to maximize the benefit of this clamping system, you can order a second clamp specifying a spacer for use with a production DUT. This works for most units with the “in line” waveguide configuration. The clamp clears any unit with one waveguide center to housing edge dimension up to 0.400”.

HXI is a Designer and manufacturer of RF, Microwave, and Millimeter-Wave components and integrated assemblies for Defense, aviation, space, and wireless telecom markets.

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