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The AD9213 from Analog Device is a single 12-bit, 10.25 GSPS RF analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with a 6.5 GHz input bandwidth. It has a 16-lane JESD204B interface to support its maximum bandwidth capability. The ADC achieves high dynamic range and linearity performance while consuming only 5 W of power. The DSP path includes a digital down converter (DDC) with a 48-bit, numerically controlled oscillator (NCO) followed by an I and Q digital decimator stage allowing for selectable decimation rates that are factors of two or three. For fast frequency hopping applications, the AD9213 NCO supports up to 16-profile settings with separate trigger input allowing for wide surveillance frequency coverage but at a reduced JESD204B lane count.

The ADC also supports sample accurate multichip synchronization that includes synchronization of the NCOs. It is available in a 192 flip-chip ball grid array (FcBGA) package and is ideal for radar, military communications, spectrum analyzers and jamming applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Analog Devices
  • Description
    12-bit 10.25-GSPS RF ADC for Aerospace and Defense Applications

General Parameters

  • Sample Rate
    Up to 16 Gbps
  • Resolution
    12 Bits
  • Channels
    16 Channels
  • Input Bandwidth
    6.500 GHz
  • Power Consumption
    5.1 W
  • ENOB
    7.6 to 9.1 Bits
  • SFDR
    68 dBc
    47.3 to 56.5 dBc
  • SNR
    49.5 to 57.5 dBFS
  • Dimensions
    12 mm × 12 mm

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