SAC-10 Plus Triton

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The SAC-10 Plus Triton from FRANKONIA is a Anechoic Chamber with Frequency 9 kHz/ 30 MHz to 18 GHz, Quiet Zone Dia 3 m. Tags: Semi Anechoic. More details for SAC-10 Plus Triton can be seen below.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    SAC-10 Plus Triton
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    Semi Anechoic 10m EMC Chamber with Multi-axes

General Parameters

  • Type
    Semi Anechoic
  • Frequency
    9 kHz/ 30 MHz to 18 GHz
  • Test Distance
    3 m, 5 m, 10 m
  • Quiet Zone Dia
    3 m
  • Radiated Emissions Compliance
    Full compliant emission (EMI) according to CISPR 16-1-4 and ANSI C63.4
  • Radiated Immunity Compliance
    Full compliant immunity (EMS) according to IEC/EN 61000-4-3
  • External Dimensions
    19.205 x 12.08 x 8.325 mm
  • Emc Standards
    CISPR 16-1-4, ANSI C63.4, IEC/EN 61000-4-3
  • Application Industry
    Automotive, Military

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