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The RIU093K0-50T from RFHIC is a GaN SSPA Microwave Generator that operates from 900 to 930 MHz. It is designed for high-power ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) and plasma generation applications with adjustable power up to 3 kW and an efficiency of 60%. It has a VSWR of less than 3:1. The generator uses GaN-on-SiC HEMT transistors and has high-frequency stability with PLL technology. It has been developed to replace industrial magnetrons and other vacuum tubes which are currently powering industrial heating, drying, microwave CVD, and sintering.

The RIU093K0-50T has an RS-232 control interface. It requires an AC supply of 380/480 V. This microwave generator is available as a rack-mountable shelf that measures 252.0 x 399.0 x 504.5 mm with a WR975 interface and has a water-cooling system. It is ideal for plasma generation, industrial heating and drying, microwave CVD, microwave welding, microwave chemistry, microwave sintering, materials processing, the study of biological phenomena, and building block for high-power system applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    3 KW GaN SSPA Microwave Generator from 900 to 930 MHz

General Parameters

  • Applications
    Plasma Generation, Industrial, Heating, Drying, Microwave CVD, Microwave Sintering, Microwave Chemistry, Materials Processing
  • Technology
    Solid State
  • Semiconductor Technology
  • Frequency
    900 to 930 MHz
  • Frequency Resolution
    100 kHz
  • Bandwidth
    30 MHz
  • CW/Pulse
    CW / Pulsed
  • Power
    0.03 to 3 kW
  • Efficiency
    60 %
  • VSWR
  • Cooling Type
    Water Cooled
  • Package Type
  • Interface
  • Output Interface
  • Waveguide Size
  • Voltage
    380 to 480 V
  • Dimension
    252 x 399 x 504.5 mm
  • Weight
    40 kg
  • Power Supply Type
  • RoHS
  • Note
    Phase Control : 0 to 180 Degree, Voltage : 50 V (DC), Frequency Accuracy & Stability : +/- 2.5 ppm

Technical Documents